As festival season approaches, the count down to Blavity’s House Party Music Festival is on. With a lineup featuring Lil Wayne, Victoria Monét and Monica, fans are ready to flock to Nashville, Tennessee on June 14 and 15. It’s important to not only be mentally prepared but physically ready too. Like other festivals including Coachella, this event isn’t just about the music. Along with a blend of culture and art, festival fashion is sure to be the main character. You can purchase tickets to Blavity’s House Party Music Festival now.

What Makes a Clothing Item Festival-Safe?

In the past, it’s not been uncommon for festival-goers to make some real fashion faux pas. Those include cultural appropriation under the guise of traditional “festival wear” and uncomfortable shoes that have you limping back to your hotel.

Unlike those items, crop tops have been in the clear as a safe item to wear as they are breathable and heat safe. Not only are they flattering, but as of recent unisex. Don’t be shy this festival season when it comes to showing off your abdomen. Bring back the fun in fashion. They’re comfortable and extremely on-trend. From jersey-style cropped tops that throw it back to the ’90s to ruffled bandeau cropped tops that embrace the cottage core trend, there’s a variety to choose from to suit your style.

Best Linen

PLT Plus White Linen Look Ruffle Hem Bandeau Crop Top

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Pretty Little Thing

It’s okay to admit it; sometimes, you’re on the fence about a standard crop top. If you’re unsure, avoid a skintight top, and you’ll feel more like you’re wearing a blouse. A stretchy, lightweight bandeau is perfect. This white linen ruffled bandeau top is not only stretchy, so it can fit everyone, but the ruffles also add a super feminine “cottage core” touch.

Best Denim crop top

Good American Denim Bandeau

Photo Courtesy of Good American

Denim as a top is always a safe bet, but denim as a bandeau goes the extra mile in terms of being flattering and fashionable. Denim corsets have long been favored by the masses. It’s a well-known neutral base for a multitude of outfits, but pairing it with jeans makes it perfect for a Canadian tuxedo summer.

Best Jersey Crop-top

Adidas Womens Tiro Colorblock Cropped Tee,

Blokette core has been an emerging trend that blends the style of your soccer-obsessed brother and your bow-obsessed sister. What better way to show off your interest in this upcoming trend than with a cropped Adidas jersey? You could pair this with a skirt and a pair of colorful Sambas to blend a mix of masculine and feminine styles.

Best Beaded Crop Top

Nasty Gal Beaded Embellished Tassel Crop Top

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Nasty Gal

It’s easy to blend into a huge crowd at festivals, especially in a sea of people all looking to stand out. But there’s no way anyone could possibly miss a reflective beaded shirt. Whether you’re aiming to make sure your friends can find you in the crowd or just looking to make a fashionable statement, Beyoncé taught us during the Renaissance era that metallics and silvers are here to stay.

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