There’s a harsh reality that persists in the music industry: a lack of respect for Black women. Black women artists continue to face systemic challenges and a lack of recognition. Despite their undeniable talent, these artists often find themselves sidelined. These women struggle against the tide of biases ingrained within the music business. 

R&B singer Ari Lennox recently spoke about feeling uncomfortable during the Rod Wave tour. This revelation sparked conversations about the industry’s failure to provide a supportive environment for Black women. Lennox’s discomfort raises questions about the overall treatment and respect for Black women artists on tours and within the industry.

Credit: @9MagTV/YouTube

Lennox’s fans expressed frustration with her career trajectory, arguing that she should be further along. Many point fingers at her management team, believing that they have not effectively propelled her career forward. This dissatisfaction highlights a pervasive issue. Despite their undeniable talent, Black women often struggle to secure the opportunities and recognition they deserve.

Tinashe is an Underrated Talent

Another glaring example of the industry’s neglect is Tinashe. She’s a versatile performer known for her dance-worthy singles and captivating stage presence. Despite her undeniable talent, Tinashe has yet to receive mainstream success to match her skills. Many argue that she should be a household name by now, but barriers within the industry have hindered her ascent.

In 2022, Tinashe parted ways with her label, RCA Records, and became an independent artist.

“I never wanted to be an independent artist,” she said to Pitchfork. “I always wanted to be mainstream [and] wanted to be top of the charts. When I first got in the game, I feel like my label viewed me very much as an R&B act, which was confusing because I felt that my music was more in the Pop space.”

Fans often felt her label oversexualized her image. They often question if it would be the same for their white counterparts.

Keke Palmer Deserved Her Flowers Years Ago 

Keke Palmer, an actress, singer, and television personality, is another Black woman in the industry whose career should be further along. The world may be seeing her for her magic now, but it took way too long to get here. Despite her multifaceted talents and considerable contributions to the entertainment world, Palmer waited years for her flowers.

Palmer’s experiences underscore the persistent hurdles and lack of respect Black women in the music industry. Her journey is a testament to the industry’s systemic biases, preventing Black female artists from achieving the visibility and success.

The stories of Ari Lennox, Tinashe and Keke Palmer are reminders of the music industry’s failure to respect and uplift Black women. After examining these artists’ struggles, it becomes evident that systemic biases persist. This hinders the growth and success of Black female talent. The industry must confront these issues head-on, dismantling the barriers that prevent Black women from receiving the recognition and opportunities they deserve.