Platinum blonde hair is a lot of work to maintain, especially if you have jet-black hair. If you have consulted a hair colorist before now, a long process goes into changing the pigmentation of hair color. If you have already colored your hair, or are thinking of doing so, here are six products that can help you maintain the bright hue of blonde hair, and give your hair the support it needs to transition from an ultra-dark color tone to blond. Many times, hair bleaching takes a few rounds to achieve the desired tone result, and these items can help.

Fanola No Yellow Mask (1000 ml) 

For recently colored hair, having a mask with a rich violent pigment helps to tone down unattractive brass and yellow hues. This product is perfect for grey, blonde and decolored hair. Many women who color their hair, often have issues with brass undergrowth. If after dying your hair, you notice that you are having streaks of yellow, or your hair is getting darker at the roots, this mask is an effective solution to use.

“Bust Your Brass” Cool Blonde Repair Shampoo, 1000ml | Amika

This ultra-violet shampoo by Amika is a perfect tool to add to your arsenal. Amika’s shampoo has been clinically proven to hydrate and tone blonde hair. Like the toner, the purple pigment in this shampoo helps to counteract the dreadful orange and yellow undertones and bring forth the desirable vibrant, icy blonde color you are aiming for.

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Moroccan Gold Series Treatment Mask

Excessive and continued exposure to color over an extended period of time can cause brittle hair and sometimes, breakage. Depending on the season of the year, there could be added damage to the hair. Asides from protecting the hair’s color, this mask also protects the integrity of your hair. This hair mask has healing properties and fortifies, hydrated and nourishes the hair. If you are already experiencing dryness from the hair color, this treatment mask is an multi-efficient, multi-functional ingredient.

Luv Me Care Rice Water Hair Growth Shampoo

Sometimes, people experience stunted hair growth after prolonged exposure to hair color. This rice water-concentrate shampoo is great for restoring hair growth and enhancing the suppleness and volume of the hair. Equipped with natural ingredients, this nutrient-rich formula infuses hair with nutrients, locks in moisture and hydrates the scalp.

Luseta Color Brightening Purple Shampoo

This brightening shampoo protects the color tone of blonde hair. Specifically formulated for blonde and gray hair, Luseta’s brightening shampoo is an excellent choice for anyone with blonde tresses. If you are looking for a top-tier, colored hair shampoo that is healthy and effective, this is the best option.

Pravana Blonde Seal and Protect Leave-In Treatment

This Pravana leave-in treatment was designed to seal in moisture, and keep the hair shiny for anyone with blonde, silver or highlighted hair. Some of the active ingredients in this treatment are chamomile, which balances the tone of the blonde, and lavender oil, which soothes and brightens the hair, while supplying the hair with the nutrients it needs to grow.