The creative skills of Black women nail artists are being highlighted in a new campaign from NailCon. The media and lifestyle platform is dedicated to nails, nail care, and wellness.

Titled “Without Us,” the campaign and gallery series highlights the work of nail artists Dawn Sterling, Telly Talons, Honey Nailz, and Melissa Samuels.

In a press release, NailCon founder Jazmine Gresham shared her excitement about putting the spotlight on the four innovative nail artists.

 “We are excited to celebrate the work of these talented Black women nail artists and curators who have been instrumental in shaping the beauty industry,” she said. “Through our platform, we hope to give these artists the recognition they deserve and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.”

The Work of Black Nail Artists

The “Without Us” art gallery series mixes photography, videography, and other multimedia elements. It retells the stories of the featured nail artists. It also highlights the work of Black women nail artists in larger nail culture.

A dinner was held in New York City to commemorate the exciting art gallery launch. Creators like Sean Garrette, Precious Lee, and Karl Payton attended the event. On NailCon’s Instagram account, followers got a some behind-the-scenes look of all the effort it took to craft the content for the launch.

The project comes at a moment when nail art trends and culture continue to drive major engagement on social media. A major part of the conversation is to make sure Black women are credited for their contributions to nail culture. In an interview with Hello Beautiful, Greshman stressed that her goal with creating the project to champion the talent of Black Nail artists.

“The nail industry wouldn’t be where it is “without us” black women —hence the birth of the title,” she said. “It’s very important to me as an African American woman to share the stories of Black women who push us forward!”