Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka is taking a swing at the world of beauty and skincare. Last month, the star athlete opened up about her latest brand venture, Kinló – an upcoming skincare line that, according to her, differs from other celebrity-driven products that typically hit the market. 

"I never thought I would ever start my own company, but I'm super excited to announce that I'll be launching KINLÒ, a new brand of skin care products developed to protect and rejuvenate melanated skin tones," Osaka shared in an Instagram post. "I hope these products can help a lot of people and potentially save lives because I really feel that we aren't protecting ourselves as much as we could."

Kinló is a brand launching in partnership with Los Angeles-based company A-Frame Brands that aims to offer proper sun and skin protection to underserved consumers with brown and dark skin.

According to the tennis player, her skincare line is inspired by her personal experiences as a woman of color of Japanese and Haitian descent

"What drew me towards this project is having memories of being a kid and not knowing how to protect my skin. I only started wearing sunscreen recently. For me, this project is something that requires more than just being a spokesperson. This is a public health need," Osaka said to Business of Fashion. "I used to tell people that I didn't need to wear sunscreen — but even if you have melanin, you need to take care of your skin, and I am passionate about that."

As we know, we, as Black women and women of color, have to be extra careful about protecting our melanated skin in the sun. This is exactly why Osaka's new skincare line is going the extra mile to emphasize our skin protection and cater to a severely underserved market.

According to Business of Fashion, Kinló's line of products will include:

  • An SPF 40-tinted face lotion.
  • An SPF 50-tinted face lotion.
  • A restorative body spray.
  • Recovery lip balm.
  • Recovery eye cream.

Osaka created this skincare line with melanin in mind; she also designed it as a love letter to her heritage, as the brand name combines the translations for "gold" in Japanese and Haitian words to form Kinló.

Outside of her new skincare company, Osaka has been pretty active with her other brand partnerships and endorsement deals that are building up her profile for helping her communities and uplifting young women just like her. 

Most recently, both she and Nike announced the expansion of her Play Academy to Los Angeles and Haiti to support young girls pursuing sports and redefine the meaning of movement for the next generation. She's also been busy working with Louis Vuitton, Frankies Bikinis, Nissan and became part-owner of a National Women's Soccer League team, the North Carolina Courage.

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