No need to fret. 21Ninety wants to make sure that this Thanksgiving holiday is a hassle-free moment for you and the loved ones!

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Friendsgiving is a beloved holiday where friends come together to reflect on their blessings, share delicious food, and congregate for the holiday. But, just like the preparation for any event, Friendsgiving takes tons of time and effort. But don’t sweat it! This article will guide you through every step of the process, from sending out invitations to dealing with leftovers, ensuring that your Friendsgiving is a joyful and culturally rich occasion for everyone involved.

Things You Need To Know

Setting the Date and Guest List

The heart of Friendsgiving lies in the deep rooted bonds you share with your friends. As you plan this celebration of community, create a warm atmosphere by inviting those who are closest to you. Consider the schedules and availability of each attendee. Reach out with seasonal and personalized invitations three weeks in advance, either digitally or traditionally, and encourage RSVPs so you can plan thoughtfully. 

Cooking vs. Potluck Style

Decide whether you want to prepare the entire meal yourself or foster a sense of cultural exchange through a potluck-style gathering. Both options have their pros and cons. Cooking everything yourself ensures a cohesive menu. Creating your own menu can be exciting, but also overwhelming. A potluck-style celebration, however, allows your friends to showcase their culinary heritage and skills. Everyone can show up with a prepared dish or you can share in the joy of cooking together. For bonus points, create a document to assign dishes ahead of time. 

Menu Planning

Food is a gateway to culture in many households. So, for this Friendsgiving, embrace a diverse menu. Traditional Thanksgiving dishes are beloved, but consider adding dishes from your own cultural background(s) and encourage your friends to do the same. From soul food to international delicacies, this menu can be a culinary journey of shared traditions and heritage.

Hosting Etiquette

As the host, it’s crucial to create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. Greet every guest with the hospitality you’d want to be met with. Ensure to introduce guests who may not know each other, and be ready to accommodate special requests or needs.  This includes friends who have allergies and other dietary restrictions, like those who are plant based or vegan. Consider preparing for extra seating, flowing conversation, and graceful responses to any unexpected situations. Remember, these preparations are a part of creating a memorable and exciting experience.

Music Choice

Music infuses your Friendsgiving with a sense of shared heritage and celebration. Create a playlist that combines the rich sounds of your personality, culture and the holiday spirit. From soulful jazz to Afrobeat and Latin rhythms. Allow the music to be the backdrop to your stories, laughter, and gratitude. If you’re not in the mood to create a playlist of your own, Spotify and Apple Music have various playlists to choose from.

Group Games

Make your Friendsgiving even more captivating by incorporating group games for adults. Traditional board games, storytelling, or virtual games can foster a sense of togetherness and create lasting memories. Why not bring out a bit of healthy competition while you’re at it!  This is an opportunity to learn more about each other and have fun while doing it.

Dietary Considerations

In the spirit of inclusivity, ensure your menu caters to your friends’ dietary preferences and restrictions. If you have vegan friends, offer plant-based dishes that taste delicious, and encourage your guests to bring or share dishes that align with their diets. Plant-based dishes for the holidays can include ingredients like eggplant, potatoes, squash, and more. You can also offer a wide range of beverages for your event. Stock up on alcoholic beverages and ensure there are non-alcoholic and mocktail options available for those who prefer them. This way, everyone can raise a glass in celebration.

Grocery Shopping

Preparing a Friendsgiving meal may require some special ingredients and spices. Plan your shopping in advance, and consider visiting specialty stores or markets that carry specific items. This can be an opportunity to explore your palette and cook dishes for the first time. 

Table Setting and Decor

Elevate your Friendsgiving celebration by incorporating aesthetic table settings and decor. From vibrant textiles to floral centerpieces, let the colors and textures adorn your dining area. Create an inviting and beautiful atmosphere for those who mean the most to you.

Leftovers Management

Just like Thanksgiving day, you’ll most likely have a plethora of leftovers to savor even after your Friendsgiving ends. Prepare containers for your friends to take home and explore how to creatively use leftovers in dishes that make them seem brand new. 

Hosting a Friendsgiving celebration can be a long lasting, enriching and unforgettable experience. From the initial invitations to the diverse menu and leftover storage, it will be a joyous celebration of community and culture.