Neelam Hakeem, an afro-hijabi influencer with over 297,000 followers on Instagram, has recently gone viral and for very good reasons. Scrolling through Neelam’s Instagram graces you with stunning, modest outfits, sweet videos of her and her partner and as of lately, Neelam’s rap videos. 

Neelam can be seen in her rap excerpts strutting her stuff in brands that cater to Muslim women — often donning @culturehijabi and @lamodesty — while bringing her audience a conscious rap that’ll have you checking back in for more. 

With her Instagram success, Neelam has made impressions on big stars like Diddy, Erykah Badu, Will Smith and Insecure’s Yvonne Orji. This isn’t lost on Neelam either; she’s outwardly grateful for the praise she’s received from her followers, fans and now celebrities. 

The mother of two is about to turn the rap game upside down. Check out some of her excerpts below:

"Think you woke cause you vegan, kids dying you don’t see them? Juniors dead you don’t see him? It all erased cuz you plant based? War ends with a handshake, I extend til my hand aches…"

"From dark to light-skinned, we’re all connected. We might just unite and be resurrected — who’s not affected by race rejection?"

"Unity is what we need but their support is what we seek. Another demon-cratic massa to put n***** to sleep. Cosby gets a sentence, erase all of his shows, while the reverend from 7th heaven takes off little kids’ clothes."

Now if Neelam isn't killin' them with all these bars — I don't think we'll find someone who is. Keep up with her via Instagram to check out more of her videos and amazing outfits. 

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