Netflix is set to release a documentary focused on the women who have contributed to Hip-hop. The documentary, titled “Ladies First: A Story Of Women In HipHop,” is set to be released August 9. It draws on the legacy of women in hip hop, from Queen Latifah to MC Sha-Rock.

The docuseries will also examine the ongoing impact and evolution of women’s participation in the growth of hip hop music. According to the official statement, “Ladies First” re-contextualizes the role the irrepressible women of hip hop played throughout the revolutionary genre’s 50 years by reinserting them into the canon where they belong.

A Walk Through History

“Ladies First” will have four installments each of which will feature legendary emcees ike MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, and Rah Digga whose works continue to trickle down the history of hip-hop. Artists currently at the top of the charts like Latto, and Tierra Whack alongside key figures from record labels, stylists, and journalists will also be a part of the special.

The project is produced by dream hampton, Troy Carter, Raeshem Nijhon, Carri Twigg, MC Lyte, Nicole Galovski, Justin Simien and Jennifer Ryan. 

Brewing Controversy 

When the documentary’s trailer dropped, many pointed out that Nicki Minaj didn’t appear to have been included in the project. In the trailer clip, rappers like Latto and Queen Latifah were seen talking about the struggles women in hip-hop had to face and also the great strides women have made in the industry in recent years.

“they try so hard to rewrite history like Nicki wasn’t the person who single handily brought Female Rap back,” one user commented on the doc’s announcement post.

Someone else however pointed out that Minaj may have declined to participate.

“Let’s be real, they likely reached out to her and she probably asked who’d be part of it and declined because of that,” the twitter user responded.

At this time, the reasons behind the supposed “exclusion” of Nicki Minaj remains unconfirmed.