Achieving fuller-looking lips without a syringe is becoming easier as new pout-focused products flood the market. Now, the newest beauty trend is taking the guesswork out of figuring out the right trick to beautiful buxom lips. Lip Cuffing was inspired by makeup guru, Huda Kattan and is all the rage on social media. While many beauty warriors have been recreating the look directly from Kattan herself, the Black creators have taken it an extra step further by making it Black girl-friendly.


Trying out the ‘lip cuffing’ technique I saw 😗 to me its really an ombre lip but i like how shiny the gloss is 🤎 #lipcombo #hudabeauty #hudabeautyshop #brownlipliner #lipcuffing

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Lip Cuffing Breakdown

To achieve this look you must first gather your arsenal of lip essentials. You’ll need a dark lip liner and one a bit lighter but darker than nude. You’ll also need a nude or light-colored lipstick, and a dazzling gloss to seal the lip cuffing deal.

The magic unfolds in five simple steps: cuff it, blend it, link it, fill it, and gloss it.

Cuff It

Begin by outlining the outer corners of your lips with the darker liner. Make sure to use it to exaggerate the natural curves.

Blend It

Once you’ve finished, blend the liner into your lips, seamlessly merging the color of the liner to your lips natural hue for a cohesive base.

Link It

The next step is to connect the dot. Use the lighter liner to link the right and left edges of your lips. Outline the top and bottom of your lips and then use your finger or a blending brush to blend it with the dark liner on the corners of your lips.

Fill It

Then, with precision, fill in the center using your chosen lipstick shade. This will add depth and dimension to your canvas.

Gloss It

Finally, elevate the allure with a generous coat of gloss. The gloss will create a mesmerizing sheen that’s simply irresistible.

It’s important to remember that the juiciness of the lips is dependent on your ability to blend and the amount of gloss you use. A normal glossy finish certainly adds a hint of allure, however, achieving that ultimate “juicy” factor might require a touch of extra gloss or experimentation with different textures. For a high-shine finish, consider layering with a clear gloss so that the colors underneath are not lost.

Much like a masterful contour, lip cuffing works wonders in reshaping and enhancing your natural features. Say goodbye to pesky folds and hello to a perky, uplifted pout.