The dating world is ever-changing, but one thing we’ve seen recently is the rise of casual dating. 

Now, you’re probably wondering what exactly that is. According to dating coach, John Keegan, it’s an umbrella term for a specific type of relationship.

“A casual relationship is a relationship that can be fun and exciting but lacks commitment,” he shared in an interview with Elite Daily. “It often can just be solely focused around sex… nothing too deep and nothing that tends to lead to any more menaingful relationship.”

Well, in the age of 2022, this type of companionship is something that a lot of men and women have found themselves seeking. If you’re a part of that group, but still new to these confusing waters,  here’s some tips to keep in mind as you venture on your casual dating journey.

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Be Clear And Upfront About What You’re Looking For

If you’re solely seeking a casual partner, it’s important that you state that clearly to anyone you share your interest in. You never want anyone to feel taken by surprise, or lied to, because they perceived the relationship to be more than casual with you, and now they have their feelings hurt.

Being clear and upfront will ensure you find the right partner for you, who always has the same intentions. 

Always Prioritize Honesty

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A casual relationship definitely has its perks of fun times and enjoyment, but like any other relationship there will always be moments of disagreement or conversations that are more difficult to have than others. 


Don’t choose the easy way out when dealing with these instances. Always prioritize honesty with your partner, no matter how it may hurt their feelings. And let them know that they should always do the same thing with you. Remember – it’s a two-way street.

Set boundaries And Respect The Boundaries Of Your Casual Partner

You may share some great moments with your casual partner, but because things are not serious (and you don’t have current intentions for them to be) you may not want to invite them into every area of your life.


This means you may want to think twice before introducing them to friends, family members, co-workers and even acquaintances. There’s nothing more annoying than introducing someone, things go left in the relationship and then everyone you introduced them to keeps asking about them – think twice!

Redefine The Relationship As Needed

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As time rolls on you may find that you’re no longer interested in casual dating – now may be the time to find your long term partner. Make sure that you communicate this change clearly, and respectfully with your casual partner. 


Be clear about how much longer you want the relationship to last, and how you would like your interactions to be afterward. It may seem like an unnecessary conversation, but trust us, this will be a great move for avoiding any awkwardness or potential hard feelings after the relationship comes to an end.