If there is one thing Nicki Minaj is going to do, is effortlessly break the internet. In a new post, Minaj shared a video of her boxing with her husband, Ken, in a chopped wig all to a snippet of an unreleased collaboration with JT of the City Girls.

Nicki Minaj x JT

Although it was very clear that Minaj has hands for anybody who wants smoke, fans were much more interested in her song of choice in the video. The rapper played an unreleased song that fans have yet to hear. The video cut to a snippet of her dancing on Ken and the same song was playing, however, in this clip the vocals of beloved Miami rapper, JT could be heard.

At the end of the video, Minaj showed a clip of her and the City Girls rapper posing for a few frames. The Miami-based rapper commented under the post, “Nicki I keep watching this like I aint already see it! I love you I can’t believe it!!!!”

JT reposted the video on her story with the caption, “no bars extendooooo.” The rapper announced earlier this week that she will be dropping her own single on Friday called “No Bars.” It could be possible that the Nicki x JT collab that fans have been waiting for is an extended version of the highly anticipated single.

The Wig

On Sunday, Minaj graced the pink carpet at the LA premiere of Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” film. She wore a stunning block cut-out gray dress with blonde tresses that came all the way down to her knees. The hair was installed and styled by celebrity stylist, Arrogant Tae. In the video Minaj posted, it appeared that the same wig she wore to the premiere was chopped unevenly. Celebs and fans alike had much to say about the style, including Tae himself.

“Who the hell cut the wigggggggggggggggg” he asked in Minaj’s comment section.

Minaj stood her ground responding with, “I DID!!! AND WHO GON CHECK ME BOO?”

The two have a long friendship and the back and forth banter in her comments appeared to all be in good fun. Still, that did’t stop fans from being concerned about the status of those inches.