If you’re an avid runner, a newbie, or someone still trying to figure out how to find your stride, you’ve likely noticed that one of the big perks of running is community. Sure, it can be a solo sport, but it’s one in which the support of others has always been an unspoken requirement. Which is probably why, in recent years, we’ve seen the emergence of running clubs to match the energy track and field runners get from their teammates.

The sense of community doesn’t stop there of course. It exists on the sidelines of races and in global, parasocial spaces like the Nike Run Club App. Still, no matter how much support, encouragement or accountability checks you might get from others; another form of support you need as a runner is the kind you give yourself… in the form of your gear.

Now, when you think of supportive gear, your thoughts may not go immediately to your feet. But that is an integral part to keep you moving and protected as a runner. So much of your success in this sport is impacted by the shoes you wear – from your energy, to the long- and short-term impact on your body.

Even if you think you’ve already found your go-to shoe, the newly released Nike InfinityRN 4s may be your foot’s new best friend. A fresh take on a design that Nike running fans have come to love over the years, the InfinityRN 4 is built on a base that is designed to increase your chances of power through every run: the new Nike ReactX foam. Compared to its direct predecessor, the Nike React foam, this new spin on the company’s proprietary engineering offers 13% more energy return.

The one-of-a-kind ReactX cushion is paired with what Nike Running is hailing as its best-fitting Flyknit yet; which means the InfinityRN 4 offers just as much upper support and breathability as it offers comfort. And if looking fly during your run is just as important to you as feeling good, the InfinityRN 4 comes in different colorways to help you blend in, stand out or match as much as you’d like. Can’t decide between Jade Ice, Pink Foam, or Light Lemon Twist? Just head over to Nike By You and design your own! You’ll even find a few Members’ Only colorways to use as inspiration. Or buy more than one pair so you don’t end up putting too much wear and tear on your new faves!

If the built-in tech and creative options were not enough, the InfinityRN 4 is also a shoe designed with the planet in mind. As part of its commitment to becoming a zero carbon and zero waste company, Nike has set a goal of using as much recycled materials as possible in the production of new shoes. Because, quiet as kept, 70% of the carbon footprint of new kicks comes from the stuff they’re made of. The ReactX foam alone reduces the midsole’s carbon footprint by 43% compared to the React foam.

A cute shoe that allows you to match any look and be good to the planet, without sacrificing comfort or safety? What could be better than that?