Black women are continuing to empower themselves and it is so refreshing to see. As a wife and a mother of two in the 21st century, it is often humorous to see how sexist society still is despite the many strides toward humanity’s progression. It is time to allow women to decide for themselves what identities they want to assume without imposing the identity of domesticity on them. Here are a few out of the billion and one reasons why we should stop forcing women to be domestic.

Times Have Changed

Although our tech-savvy era has liberated and empowered women in many ways, there are still nooks of society that encourage and expect women to be entirely devoted to raising kids and keeping a clean home. While there is nothing wrong with women who want to stay home and raise kids, it is problematic when society forces them to do so. I’ve known many women who stifled themselves and allowed themselves to shrink in an ingratiating way to avoid being “woman-shamed.”

Women Are Getting Empowered

In the age of technology and new opportunities for women, it is becoming increasingly easier for women to focus on self-improvement and empowerment. In line with that, we should continue to support women who want to branch out and pursue their dreams beyond the boundaries of the kitchen.

Photo Credit: Diva Plavalaguna

Women Can Choose Both

When society forces women to be confined to a box labeled “domesticity,” it can be extremely limiting. There is room for women to be domestic and show interest in building a career, brand and future for themselves. It is possible for a woman to love cooking, washing dishes, and scrubbing the bathroom walls till they sparkle and still choose to learn how to fly a plane or get her Ph.D. There is room for both.

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It Is Shrouded in Sexism

The archaic thought processes that existed before now were explicitly created to keep women “in their place” and allow sexism to grow. When society dictates how women should act, react or be, it becomes problematic. Thankfully, women are starting to realize that they don’t have to be confined to a box but can fearlessly follow their dreams and blaze their trails.

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