Canvas Beauty is a hair and body care brand quickly taking TikTok by storm. Founder and hair stylist Stormi Steele boosted the brand’s online presence by connecting with consumers on TikTok. Steele often highlights new launches while sharing some behind the scenes content of what goes into running the beauty brand. With the brand’s growth, you can now shop select Canvas Beauty products at Target.

As for the products themselves, the hair care line is dedicated to helping consumers achieve stronger, healthier hair while promoting hair growth. The entire assortment of hair-loving products is also made with sensitive scalps in mind.

Canvas Beauty Hair Blossom Serum

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Canvas Beauty’s Hair Blossom Serum is a multi-purpose product designed to love your hair in more ways than one. Each bottle has a blend of oils, extracts, and biotin to support healthy hair growth. Some familiar hair-nourishing ingredients within this bottle include castor seed oil, black tea, and rosemary oil.

You can apply this as a serum to your scalp once a day – or every other day – to support healthy hair growth. It has a nozzle for precise application. Plus, this oil-rich product makes an excellent daily scalp treatment when your hair is in a protective style – especially for braids and locs. 

This serum also serves as a deep-conditioning hair treatment. According to the “details” section of the product description, apply the serum to your hair (from scalp to ends) after you shampoo. Then, cover with a plastic cap for up to 45 minutes. When the time is up, shampoo the product out.

Canvas Beauty Full Bloom Amplifying Shampoo

Canvas Beauty’s Full Bloom Amplifying Shampoo gently cleanses your hair while promoting growth. The honey and biotin-infused formula helps enhance your natural hair while strengthening your strands. As it cleanses, this shampoo doesn’t leave your hair feeling stripped bare. Instead, it adds moisture.

Canvas Beauty Full Bloom Amplifying Conditioner

After shampooing, slather the Canvas Beauty Full Bloom Amplifying Conditioner on your hair. It’s the perfect complement to the brand’s shampoo, as it seals in moisture while promoting hair growth. The conditioner’s formula blend includes castor, rosemary, and wheat protein. This combination nourishes hair in a way where you’ll be able to feel the difference in the smoothness of your hair from the moment you leave the shower.

Canvas Beauty Full Bloom Infinitely Deep Conditioner

As the air dries out during the colder months, Canvas Beauty’s Full Bloom Infinitely Deep Conditioner is the product to reach for. It’s a deep conditioner that does more than soften your hair. This color-safe deep conditioner also detangles while reducing the appearance of frizz and fly-aways.

While this deep conditioner does use the brand’s signature mix of biotin, castor oil, and rosemary oil, there’s another hair-loving ingredient to highlight. Euterpe oleracea fruit extract – also known as açaí – is in this deep conditioner. Açaí conditions hair while feeding it vitamins A, C, E and B.

Canvas Beauty Full Bloom Hair Follicle Booster

Canvas Beauty’s Full Bloom Hair Follicle Booster gets to the root of your hair growth troubles. Inside this bottle is a scalp treatment meant to increase blood flow on your scalp, stimulating the follicles. This booster uses a peppermint- and tea tree oil-rich formula to give your scalp a boost you’ll feel immediately. It’s also designed to help with dandruff, dead skin buildup, and unclog pores.

Canvas Beauty Edge Bae Hair Gel

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Canvas Beauty’s Edge Bae Hair Gel is a multi-use product that can be used for more than keeping your edges laid. This lightweight gel can be used to define shorter hairstyles, help keep your slick-back bun fly-away-free, and add more definition to your twist-out. It’s not sticky or greasy and doesn’t leave flakes on your all-black outfit. The formula blend on this gel includes castor oil and glycerin, which keep your hair moisturized while it stays locked in place.

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