For far too long, "nude" has been a far underrepresented series of shades in the worlds of beauty and fashion. Most "nude" shades don't go deeper than light tan, leaving a huge market of women unable to easily find their perfect nude lipstick shade, high heel or even their perfect invisible, skin tone-shade of bra. But Nubian Skin has been working to provide new nudes for women of color when it comes to lingerie and hosiery for years. And the brand just announced that even more women can now find their perfect nude after they extended their size range to go to a 40G.

The brand claims to be the "next step in nude intimates," and it's important for that next step to keep growing. Although the expansion does not include a size for everyone (many mainstream plus size brands have band sizes up to a 46 or more), the progress is appreciated and is a step in the right direction toward inclusion of more women of color who deserve lingerie that caters to them.

“We’ve been paying close attention to our customer’s needs," said Ade Hassan, founder of Nubian Skin, in a press release, "It's very important to be able to offer all women of color our products, and we’re hoping that expanding our size range will take us one step closer.”

We look forward to the impact this expansion will have on the confidence and excitement of more women of color. And we'll be keeping an eye out for more expansions of size and color so that every woman can find the perfect nude lingerie for her.