Two months ago, Octavia Spencer took on a new role in relation to her health and fitness.

The Academy Award-winning actress has committed to working out, eating healthier and pushing through the hard times because she says that the effort and results are greater than the complaints.

Spencer has even shared that she works out twice a day, and even while working on set, she finds moments to do some push-ups, hold a plank pose (a pose that at one point she could only hold for 15 seconds) or just encourages her colleagues to join her. She has even worked with and gotten support from famous friends including Mark Wahlberg!

From cardio to boxing to yoga and weightlifting, the 46-year-old has been conquering it all while dealing with her sciatica. Through the obstacles, Spencer is proving to be unstoppable, and the star is just getting started.

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Me in my trailer yesterday. With all that’s going on in the world, hell, this country.. we have to find or shine light where ever we can that brings us joy. For me it’s this fitness journey that has found its way into every aspect of my life. The fact that my crew is inspired to do small things to help us all reach our fitness goals makes my heart burst with pride. We work 12-14 hours a day, surrounded by comfort snacks just waiting to indulge bad choices. So, I’m introducing them to my @performinspired nutrition family. We will have protein shakes, protein cookies and bars to help keep us on track. @bigdealdowd and @markwahlberg you have ignited a fire over here. Sometimes we will be in the #4am club, but with our push up and plank challenge, we will be in the hourly club pushing ourselves to be better. Everyone who hangs in there will achieve personal results but will also get a much needed #BurkeWillamsSpaDay from me. #AYSCrew #performingInspired #motivation #HealthIsWealth #lightUpTheDarkness #support #getItIn #KristenCampo #Ryland #chauncey #taylor #greg #Kristen @shannonbakeman3 @missvalnoble @kendra4peace @phildo710 @rpsharman @mikeabeach @tyminskischoenbachmakeup

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In a recent Instagram post, she shared that she has now added supplements to her routine and is focusing more on her daily hydration because she realized she was not drinking enough water. Now, she is recognizing the changes in her body and feels great about it.

“Slow progress but all in the right direction. I’m pushing myself to improve each week on things I can control without feeling so restricted that the changes are no longer fun… I feel my body changing and definitely feel stronger. I am also setting myself up success by addressing issues that only I can change.”

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