When it comes to beauty, Black women are the one and never the two. From our hair to our style to the way we continue to move the needle creatively with how we show up in the world, pioneering what we all consider cool is what we do best. In recent years, the beauty world has made a complete 180 in not only the faces featured in campaigns but also in the boardrooms calling the shots. While there is still much more ground to cover, brands specifically made for and by Black women are being given the support, the capital and the marketing they truly deserve. Small brands use social media to knock down glass ceilings and bigger brands are finding themselves lining the shelves of major retailers like Walmart and Target. It’s safe to say that the game done changed and the ball is in our courts. 

Here are seven beauty brands—both small and large—that we’ve got our eye on.

FaceFx by Pheobe Scott

Full of ravishing bold colors and makeup essentials, FaceFx by Pheobe Scott is a brand using the power of authentic content to increase its reach and get their quality products into the hands of women everywhere. From recreating classic Black cultural moments to offering tutorials on how to best use her products, Detroit native Pheobe Scott’s innovation and focus on crafting shades that look great on every skin tone makes her—and her brand—one to watch. 

Itoju Ara by Búsola

Full of rich oils and and healthy lush products for all phases of skincare, Itoju Are is one of the best brands for Black skin on the market. The brand’s Clear Glow Facial oil with sun-dried rose petals and goji berry oil is a holy grail for those with sensitive skin and their Ara Butter locks in all that moisture our skin really needs. Nigerian-American Búsola has chosen some of the best products for melanated humans and infused them into a wonderful group of products that are affordable and long lasting. 

UOMA by Sharon C

This innovative cosmetics brand is giving us life! From incredible and unique packaging to out of the box colors and rich foundations for every skin tone, UOMA (which means beauty) is that girl. Already raking up awards for being the best in beauty, the brand hails itself as the most inclusive Black-owned brand. Its founder, Sharon Chuter, is a former beauty executive who set out to make UOMA a leader in creating beauty brands that represent us all. Mission accomplished. 

Adwoa Beauty by Julian Addo

Hydrating and curl-defining, Adwoa Beauty is prioritizing a healthy scalp above else. With the use of oils like baobab, peppermint, spearmint and wintergreen, the brand gets to the root of our hair concerns with products that cleanse, revive and allow our crowns to shine. Addo’s passion for hair and haircare begin in vocational school in 1997. A move to Minnesota from Staten Island, NY resulted in her ability to open two hair salons in less than five years. Every piece of Adwoa Beauty, from packaging to ingredients, feels well thought out and intentional. We love it!

Pure Vibes Co-Op by Tiffany Snow Wesley

Created in 2013 to give its founder products that would support her in combating PCOS symptoms, Pure Vibes Co-op is a marketplace full of gluten-free and non-inflammatory products for overall skin health. From deodorant to facial oils, Pure Vibes is a one stop shop for those looking for clean products that leave you feeling good from head to toe. The simple and modern packaging combined with ingredients that support any number of skin needs, if you’re looking for your next obsession, Pure Vibes has you covered. 

Organic Bath Co. by Gianne Doherty

Brimming with products that are “clean. not complicated”, Organic Bath Co. has products for every inch of our bodies. The peppermint organic body butter is a favorite and the naked skin cream helps keep you smooth without feeling greasy. All of the ingredients are 100% natural and non-toxic to help combat the products that are regularly targeted towards Black consumers. Gianne’s Belizean roots helped her to remember the tried and true ingredients to soothe her sensitive skin that was responding negatively to other brands on the market. 

Pear Nova by Rachel James

This audacious and adorable brand of nail lacquer could not be more timely. Whether you’re a classic girl or all gel everything, Pear Nova has got you covered from cuticle to tip. Rich jewel tones, vibrant reds and classic neutrals all shine from this collection. James, who studied fashion merchandising, noticed a void in the nail world for shades that complimented medium to dark skin tones and, like Black women do, went to work on creating a solution. If you’re looking to support a Black-owned business at your next nail appointment, take Pear Nova with you.