By definition, "joie de vivre" translates to the exuberant enjoyment of life and keenness on living life to the fullest. Luxury falls in line with that definition because it means a state of great comfort or elegance, especially involving great expense.

Seeing numerous Black women embrace luxury and enjoy the finer things in life is the flex we waited for. Millions of social media feeds show Black women taking lavish and exotic trips to exquisite destinations, enjoying spa treatments at five-star establishments, and investing in real estate. 

For years, many Black women have been classified as people who cannot afford the items associated with a luxurious lifestyle. This has caused most Black women to settle for experiences that are "less than" in love, professional life, and overall society, but we are seeing a swift change from that "norm," especially now. These days, LinkedIn is flooded with Black women who are thriving in their careers and making a significant impact in the lives of others. Many Black women are now economically independent that they have the disposable funds to afford a top-tier lifestyle. With this prosperity, Black women are defying the negative image that collective society puts out of Black womanhood as filled with struggle, abuse, sacrifice, and neglect. 

We love to see Black women recognize that they deserve to be pampered, they deserve to have brand new luxurious cars sitting in their garage, and they deserve healthy love that does not require them to overly sacrifice or show how "ride or die" they are. For years, numerous Black women have put the needs of others ahead of their own, at the expense of their mental health and well-being. Many Black women realize that self-care is essential and are actively taking the necessary steps to invest in themselves is a massive win for Black women everywhere. 

Images of Black women embracing luxury have become a movement inspired by Black women who live that lifestyle and those who want to live a life of abundance. As Black women continue to prosper, it sends a clear message to the world that Black women deserve a spot at the top. We must all continue to push for luxury to continue to be a norm for Black women, not just as far as material things go but also in demand for systemic change in how Black women receive healthcare. We must also continue to advocate to stop Black women from experiencing misogynoir and prejudice. All Black women deserve to have Birkin bags and peace of mind in a world that often believes otherwise.