There’s no better time to travel than the summer months, but sometimes we can run into trouble when it comes to securing the best travel sized products and bags to contain all of our goods.

Well, look no further – we’re here to put you onto the best, hassle-free, travel-sized skincare essentials. As well as some great bags to tote them in!

The Brush Guard

How many times have you dumped all of your makeup brushes into your travel bag, came back later and noticed that they were all frayed? Well, you’re not the only one sis. 

That’s why The Brush Guard is a perfect investment for your next trip, or for everyday use! The Brush Guard “reshapes your brushes to perfection” and extends its life but allowing it to dry the right way – bristle-side down!

It’s a firm but breathable sleeve, and it’s available in a variety of sizes – perfect for every brush in your collection!

Maria Nila Styling Bag

Maria Nila is a Swedish, vegan hair care brand that has just launched its collection of travel beauty bags – and we believe that the Styling Bag has everything that you’ll need to keep your hair slayed on-the-go. 

It consists of five products which include the Cream Heat Spray, Ocean Spray, True Soft Argan Oil, Cleansing Powder, and Power Powder. And it’s available at a price point of $70. 

SKINN Divine Elixir Luminous Lip Oil


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Say goodbye to chapped lips while on-the-go! SKINN’s Divine Elixir Luminous Lip Oil features a “nutrient-rich antioxidant blend of manuka honey and vitamin c which promotes collagen production, smoothes lines, and soothes dry lips. 

Best of all – it gives a luminous pop of color with a “high gloss shine and zero stickiness.”

Buttah Skin Customizable Sample Skin Kit


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If you’re looking for a skincare set to make sure that you have all that you need while you’re traveling, then Buttah Skin’s Customizable Sample Skin Kit is the one for you! 

For just $15 it comes with a Gentle Cleanser, Vitamin C Serum and a choice of your own moisturizer – choose between Cocoshea Revitalizing Cream, Facial Shea Butter, and Oil-Free Gel Cream. At such an affordable price point, what else could you need?