Onion Cut & Sewn is redefining the fashion world by merging couture garments with comfortability. Founder and fashion designer, Whitney Mero, designs "beautifully effortless clothes that feel like lotion" for a variety of body shapes. Her clothes represent a woman who has found both herself and her style, caring more about looking good than any fashion trend.

In a conversation with The RootMero described the feeling when you wear her one-of-a-kind brand:

You put something on, and you feel great. I need it to feel like pajamas. … But you know, the goal is, at the most, fundamental: Put one thing on and be able to leave the house and feel completely comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing … I want to design a star for people—something that shines on you, without you necessarily having to shine.

Check out some of Onion Cut & Sewn's stunning garments below. 

puff bodice

Photo: Onion Cut & Sew

cotton long sleeve crop w/ cowl

Photo: Onion Cut & Sew

puff duster

Photo: Onion Cut & Sew

cap sleeve drape – short

Photo: Onion Cut & Sew

stripy sheer off slope

To shop the complete Onion Cut & Sew collection, visit the website here.

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