There's a lot to love about A Wrinkle In Time, but one of the most striking parts of the film is the costume design and makeup that transformed some of our favorite actors into their characters in gorgeous, mystical ways. Luckily for us, Derrick Rutledge, the makeup artist behind the whimsical looks, shared some tips and tricks on a recent Instagram post.

We love Oprah's bejeweled brows and glitter-encrusted lips as Mrs. Which, and now we're one step closer to recreating the look.

Happy #MakeupMonday Family from London!!!! Well #Family, Everyone is up in Arms over @Oprah Ethereal Looks from the movie @wrinkleintime , I couldn't be more Humbled from All the Outpouring Acts of #Love you all have shown me since the movie's release!! And Fam…I Owe You!! What better gift can I give You today than a Brief Tutorial on Mrs. Which when she lands on the planet of Orion. Anytime I apply #makeup, I try to complement what the Person is wearing. That wasn't any Different for this movie. #Gold, #Copper, #Orange and #Black were my Go to colors for this look.  In order to make #Oprah eyes appear larger, I had to make the brows disappear, Elmers Glue Stick rubbed Graciously into the brows, brushed and allowed to dry, and set with powder, was the first thing I did before applying foundation. After #foundation, to create Depth and Dimension, a Darker foundation was used at the Bridge and along the side of the #Nose, under the #Cheeks, and along the #Jawline. Then an Orange and Peach blush, gave the face Color and Healthiness. Now creating that Severe #Cat #Eye took several attempts before getting it just right. I first drew it with a brown pencil, then once I got the pattern I liked, I traced it in liquid liner, then filled it in with a Black Creme Grease paint, followed by Delicately pressing Black Iridescent Glitter on top. NOW, THIS LIP…. I've been Questioned repeatedly about the Lip. Well after tracing the #Lip with A Chestnut pencil and filling it in with an Orange matte lip color, I Then had glitter in the 4 colors mentioned above, mixed them, and with a Flat Head Brush, carefully pressed the glitter over the entire lip. Those #Brows….well that took Precision!!! For Symmetry and Placement, I first drew a light brown line on the face, then black dots that were equally spaced, were placed above the natural brow and Amber Rhinestones with spirit gum dotted on the back, were placed over the Black Dots. Once a thick pair of #mink lashes were glued in place, it was time for the wig and costume. So Swipe Left <—-and let's see what some #Makeup, A #Wig and a #Costume can do!!! #derrickrutledge #makeupartist #makeupmaestro #ilovewhatido @kimblehaircare

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Some of his tips include mixing four types of glitter for the perfect custom shade, using peachy blushes to bring life to the face and minimizing the brows to put emphasis on bold, stand-out eye looks. Whether you plan to pick and choose the tips for you or recreate the whole look the next time you cosplay, Rutledge shared some valuable info and we're taking notes.

What was your favorite look from A Wrinkle In Time?