There are many products and brands out there that claim one thing and really do the other, and unfortunately, not in a good way. For years, haircare has been a way for me to really express my identity. And though I am the first to admit that our hair does not define us, it does have a big impact on how we show up and show out in the world.

Whether rocking kinky, curly, or coily hair that’s 4c, 3b, or anything in between, finding products that work well in hair should not feel like a scavenger hunt, but in many ways, it does- at least for curly gurls and naturalistas alike.

All in all, and in my many attempts to find the right moisture-inducing products that work best for curls and coils, I’ve finally come across a holy grail haircare line that has just about every texture in mind, and well, left my curls screaming, yes, please!

OUAI Haircare is the hot new kid on the block, and when I say *hot* I absolutely mean it. Founded by celebrity stylist, and dog mom, Jen Atkin, Ouai isn’t just a haircare brand, but a lifestyle. “I get it. I am an overstimulated consumer myself. I’ve used every hair product on the market and spent years talking to my clients and social followers about their hair. I’ve struggled to find a haircare brand that my friends and I could relate to. It was my goal to take these conversations and create the first socially-connected haircare brand,” says Jen on OUAI’s about page.

The one thing I love most about OUAI is the experience. For one, you get swoon-worthy scents and high-quality products all in one, making just about any shower or curly wash day an absolute delight. From body cleansers to moisturizing leave-in conditioners, OUAI has just about every product you could ever want or need, leaving you feeling luxurious, beautiful, and smelling well, so d*mn good!

Below, are a few products our editorial team has tried and personally recommends for your next wash and self-care ritual day.

These Conditioners

The best conditioners for ultra hydration, hair shine, and nourishment.

Leave in Conditioner


Photo Credit: Courtesy of OUAI

$28.00 On OUAI.

OUAI’s Leave in conditioner will help you detangle, hydrate, and fight frizz to the max. Oh, and did we mention that it’s suitable for any and all hair types? Yes, please!

Our Review: “When I tell you, this leave-in conditioner is probably the first I’ve tried that left my hair feeling super revitalized and super soft. I will definitely purchase this again.”

Medium Hair Conditioner

Photo Credit: Courtesy of OUAI

Looking to strengthen and nourish your curls and coils? Ouai’s Medium Hair Conditioner has just the right moisture-inducing formulas for the ultimate wash day.

$30.00 On OUAI.

Our Review: “This hair conditioner left my hair feeling extremely hydrated and left my curls looking shiny, nourished, and just all-around amazing, absolutely recommend it!”

These Shampoos

The best shampoos that won’t dry out your curls and leaves your hair feeling prepped for styling.

Detox Shampoo

Photo Credit: Courtesy of OUAI

The holy grail for a clean and revitalized scalp that helps to detoxify and product build-up, dirt, and oils. The benefit? It’s induced with keratin which is scientifically known to strengthen your hair.

$30.00 On OUAI.

Our Review: ” A must for cleansing dirt and oil buildup. This is the best shampoo I’ve tried so far that hasn’t left my hair feeling dead and dry.” 

Medium Hair Shampoo

Photo Credit: Courtesy of OUAI

OUAI’s Medium Hair Shampoo is specially made for hair types that have thick hair problems and leaves the scalp feeling extra clean and ready for styling.

$30.00 On Ouai

Our Review: “Absolutely love this shampoo! It provides extra support for damaged hair and leaves your scalp feeling extremely clean and amazing.”

This Hair Masque

Leaves curls feeling hydrated and moisturized to a T.

Fine To Medium Hair Treatment Masque

Photo Credit: Courtesy of OUAI

Most treatment masques leave your hair feeling weighed down and super thick, but Ouai’s Fine To Medium Hair Treatment Masque leaves your curls feeling airy, hydrated, and smooth.

$38.00 On OUAI.

Our Review: “This treatment mask is the holy grail of my hair care routine. It’s super lightweight yet gets the job done for longer-lasting wash and goes.” 

This Hair Oil

Looking for an oil that hydrates and leaves your hair feeling soft and sleek? This one is just for you.

OUAI Hair Oil

Photo Credit: Courtesy of OUAI

Priced at just $14, this super glossy hair oil helps to smooth frizz, seals moisture, and protects split ends from further breakage.

$14.00 On OUAI.

Our Review: ” One of the best hair oils I’ve tried that leaves my hair looking and feeling shiny, glossy, and amazing.” 

For The Hair & Body

Because your body needs some love too.

Rose Hair & Body Oil

Photo Credit: Courtesy of OUAI

Use it as a perfume, a body oil, or hair oil. No matter your pick, this one is the option for you.

$32.00 On OUAI.

Our Review: “Smells absolutely amazing and feels just as great to put on.”

Sugar Scalp & Body Scrub

Photo Credit: Courtesy of OUAI

This ultra-nourishing Sugar Scalp & Body Scrub is a full-on luxurious experience that cleanses the body and scalp all in one.

$38.00 On OUAI. 

Our Review: “This scrub will have your body and hair thanking you for days. It really does a great job to scrub away stress and helps to cleanse the body and scalp of dirt and oil buildup.”