Part of owning your glow is taking time to slow down and nurture yourself.

One of the most decadent and nurturing experiences for the body is the Hammam ritual, where exfoliation and deep cleansing work to purify the body. This is a head-to-toe ritual that leaves skin as smooth as silk. The Hammam is likely the oldest surviving bath

tradition in the world. The ruins of the oldest known Islamic Hammam in Morocco dates back to the late eighth century. Traditionally speaking, the Hammam was more than just a bath house; it was also a place where people gathered for glow time.

Hammam treatments include many beneficial components, from warm, steamy, circulating air to vigorous exfoliation to sensual or therapeutic massages. The results are glowing skin and rejuvenation.

Create your own Hammam at home. Light some candles, turn on your playlist, and start your steamy ceremony.

Blow off steam. Create your own sauna-like atmosphere at home by letting the hot shower run until the room becomes steamy and warm. You can place five drops of eucalyptus or rosemary essential oil in a diffuser to infuse the air with a cleansing aromatic scent.

Soap it up. Moroccan black soap is used in traditional Hammams to pull impurities from the pores. Lather with a rich creamy soap. If you can’t find black soap, olive oil or Shea butter-based soap will do.

Exfoliate. The Hammam is best known for exfoliation. Sloughing off dead skin cells is achieved with a glove called a kessa. Massage the skin in circular motions to help bring new skin to the surface. You can also use a body scrub here instead of the glove.

Purify. This is an optional step in the process. Massage a thin layer of body mud into the skin for purifying and revitalizing effects. Let the mask sit on the skin for two minutes, then rinse off.

Moisturize and massage. After rinsing, your supple skin will be ready for moisturizing. Apply argan oil directly to your exfoliated skin after stepping from the steamy shower. Argan oil is lightweight and absorbs easily into the skin. Blend pure argan oil with a sensual flower essence like orange blossom or rose for an inviting and soothing body massage.

Hydrate. Remember to stay hydrated during this process. Keep a pitcher of water or a water bottle in the bathroom and sip frequently while steaming and throughout your home Hammam ritual.