Some Paleo eaters test out recipes. Some tell you about Paleo-friendly substitutions for the carbs you know and love. Others (aka, me) cheat. Here are my five weakest moments so far, the times when I ate something non-Paleo and instantly regretted it. Much like the best of the best of Pinterest fails, I tested out these cheats so now you don’t have to. You’re welcome. And enjoy the healthy alternatives listed below so you don't make the same mistakes I did.

Hershey Kisses

I ate so many of them I lost count. They were so good but I felt awful afterwards. Probably because I ate so many of them that I lost count.   


Try this instead: Dark Chocolate

Did you know that dark chocolate is Paleo-friendly? I didn’t until recently! Break off a piece and eat it as-is, or, if you’re feeling ambitious, try making your own truffles with a recipe like Nom Nom Paleo’s.  


They look good in theory but are always a mistake. Always. 


Try this instead: Homemade Pop-Tarts

Yes, there's a healthy Pop-Tart recipe. Enjoy this recipe for paleo breakfast pastries.

Corn chips

I was at a party where they had a delicious dip (not paleo-friendly, but this was a cheat day so it’s all good!). I was munching away on corn chips when I realized I could easily have eaten the dip with the carrot sticks sitting on the table all of three steps away from me. Sigh


Try this instead: Celery sticks or carrot sticks

If you’re using the chips to shovel various dips into your mouth (like I was), you can totally grab some celery or carrots instead and continue on with your feast. It’s not exactly the same taste but at least you can feel satisfied that you made the healthy choice!


 I don’t even like drinking that much, so I was frustrated with myself when I cheated with alcohol last week. There’s always a bit of social pressure to have a drink when I go out and I feel awkward trying to explain. But I really could do without it. It’s not worth the calories! And if I’m going to cheat I think I’d rather have a cupcake…hmm or some pizza…maybe soft-serve ice cream…BRB I’m busy day-dreaming about carbs.  


Try this instead: TBH, there’s really no good substitute for alcohol.

Mocktails often use soda (also a cheat) and can have just as many calories as the alcoholic version. You’re probably better off skipping this one entirely. On the bright side, if you choose to cut out alcohol, you’ll consume far fewer calories and will have far fewer hangovers! Those are good trade-offs, right?


They were good, but still not worth the cheat. 


Try this instead: Skillet brownie sundaes with “brown sugar” bacon crumbles.

I’m so excited for the next long weekend so I can try this out. This recipe looks amazing  — way better than your average brownie — and it’s completely Paleo-friendly. No cheating necessary!

Denying oneself leads to failure, so I think it’s important to have a cheat meal at least once in a while. Make sure you choose carefully — you want your cheats to be worth it.