The kids are all grown up. Parker McKenna has recently disclosed the possibility of a “My Wife and Kids” Reboot.

From her debut in the original hit tv show “My Wife and Kids” as Kady Kyle to her role in “The Games People Play” as Laila James, Parker McKenna is not letting up when it comes to her ongoing career as an actress. The 26-year-old recently disclosed the possibility of a “My Wife and Kids” reboot, which highlights the original cast living the life as a 21st-century family, and of course, shows them all grown up. The rising star and actress broke the news during a podcast on Youtube, as well as revealing that she’s usually against reboots, but would be interested in seeing how the show progresses as the characters continue to map out their adult years.

“For a long time ‘My Wife and Kids‘ was all I knew, It was an incredible experience! I think it would be so much fun to see all of us on the same set again! I had such a great time with my TV family,” she said. “Till today, people still make jokes about how Damon would act and feel about seeing Kady all grown up.”Said the 26-year-old to Pop Culture back in 2019.

McKenna also disclosed that she is awaiting confirmation for a potential second season of “The Games People Play” to air on tv, but again, has not yet received knowledge whether or not the show has been renewed for a second season.

“I really want to know. I’ve heard things, but I can’t confirm, and I’m not going to confirm anything until BET does because although I love the producers and the writers and everyone, who you know, are extremely hopeful, they are like 99.9 % sure that we’re coming back, but anything can happen, unfortunately.” Said Parker on Where Is The Buzz Tv.

For more info on the possibility of a My Wife and Kids Reboot and the potential of a second season of The Games People Play, check out the link here.