Pattern Beauty, a Black-owned hair care brand, disrupted the industry standard when it first launched in 2019.

Founded by actress and TV producer Tracee Ellis Ross, Pattern Beauty lives up to its mission of providing healthy hair care products and tools for people with textured hair. The brand continues to carve its path in the haircare world from its curl and coil-approved hair wash products to its versatile 4-in-1 blow dryer.

In March, Pattern Beauty announced the introduction of a new tool to its collection. In an ad campaign, the company revealed their latest innovation: the Interchangeable Curling Iron. This new tool has three barrels designed to define each curl pattern. The three interlocking barrels are three-eighths-inch, three-fourths-inch and one-inch in width.

How Does the Interchangeable Curling Iron Reduce Heat Damage?

Heat damage occurs when the shape of the hair’s keratin, which is a protein that contributes to hair growth, strands change. The strands undergo a change when they are exposed to high, uncontrollable levels of heat. Frequently using hot tools, like blow dryers and flat irons, result in heat-damaged hair. For people with natural hair, heat damage manifests as one part of the hair strand being curly and the rest being straight.

As a naturalista, Ross understands the heat challenges people with curly hair face. With that in mind, each of Pattern Beauty’s curling iron barrels have tourmaline ceramic material. The material reduces heat damage by ensuring even heat distribution, releasing natural ions that provide extra shine after use.

Best Hair Tool

Pattern Beauty’s Interchangeable Curling Iron

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: PATTERN Beauty

The Interchangeable Curling Iron defines curls and flyaways to achieve the desired styles. The set includes three different-sized barrels, a storage protective bag and a heat-protective glove. Minimizing heat damage comes easy with this curling iron that keeps natural hair in mind.

Best Shampoo

Pattern Beauty’s Hydration Shampoo

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: PATTERN Beauty

The hydration shampoo enriches a person’s hair with nourishing ingredients, such as honey, coconut oil, shea butter and other elements. Its moisturizing and cleansing properties help remove product buildup, while also hydrating the hair. The formula also includes floral scents, such as jasmine, bergamot and sweet sandalwood.

Best Hair Mask

Pattern Beauty’s Treatment Mask

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: PATTERN Beauty

The rice water ingredients in the treatment mask specifically strengthen and soften hair strands. Additionally, it is mixed with moringa seed extract, adding definition, hydration and curl elongation. The hair mask ultimately promotes healthy hair growth.

Best Detangler

Pattern Beauty’s Detangling Nectar

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: PATTERN Beauty

The detangling nectar helps comb through any curl pattern that needs extra tenderness, love and care. The haircare brand uses sea moss, aloe vera and grapeseed oil to produce shiny and hydrated hair results. 

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