PATTERN Beauty is the innovative haircare line created by actress and entrepreneur Tracee Ellis Ross. It has become one of the most beloved Black hair brands in the past five years. The brand recently announced the launch of an array of exciting products. These exciting new releases include four styling products designed to provide the optimal moisture, hold, and definition for textured hair.

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PATTERN Beauty’s collection is specifically formulated for curly, coily, and tightly textured hair types. Some other standout products from the brand include the Hydration Shampoo, Lightweight Conditioner, Heat Protectant, and Shine Spray. All are incredibly valuable assets for anyone who wants to achieve the perfect silk press this summer.

PATTERN hair ambassador Mideyah Parker told 21Ninety that the brand’s newest rollout and its silk press-friendly products are exciting for women who have patterned hair.

“I think women should be excited that a brand is making products specifically for the process they want to do to their pattern. The brand’s core values and product design align with the needs and wants of their hair type,” Parker said. “PATTERN has played a major role in helping the Black hair industry evolve just by being for curls, coils, and 4C type hair and for creating a solution that people find helpful and actually works for their pattern.”

Parker also shared some gems about some of PATTERN’s hair care products and ways to use them to achieve a long-lasting silk press.

“When doing a silk press, I like to start with the hydrating shampoo; then I pick the conditioner based on the client’s hair. My favorite is the intensive conditioner. It helps me clean the foundation that I’m going to work on. I then like to spray the heat protectant on the hair and use the wide-tooth tortoise comb to evenly distribute the product throughout the pattern,” Parker said.

Parker pointed out the importance of using a good heat protectant to uncover the desired style.

PATTERN Beauty Heavy Conditioner

“I choose the Pattern Beauty Heat Collection, starting with the blow dryer, because of the built-in heat protection and fast drying time. Then I spray the heat protectant, because this is a non-negotiable step! You need to put a barrier on the hair that protects it from the flat iron that you’re going to use to achieve a silk press,” Parker explained.

Beauty Styling Cremes

For a silk press to maintain its texture for a long time, it needs a secure covering that will keep the style intact.

“Once the pattern is dry, do the desired style with the heat tool. The next step is crucial because this is what helps to keep the hair longer without having to always apply more heat. I always suggest the satin cap sleep in at night to preserve your press. The last step is returning your pattern to its natural state, and the Pattern Beauty transition mask is the perfect treatment. It reduces shedding, prevents breakage, and maintains moisture while supporting growth.”

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Intensive Conditioner and Treatment Mask

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PATTERN’s unique new Leave-In Conditioner is also a fascinating beauty product to add to your list of hair care gems. The conditioner boasts a fresh yet bright and earthy aroma that efficiently seals in curls. This leave-in conditioner also provides lasting moisture lotion to combat dryness and keep your tresses glowing all summer!

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