Black are taking over pickleball court across the country. This beautiful trend signifies not just a new hobby but a cultural shift. It shows that Black women are embracing all spaces, including those that historically haven’t been diverse.

A History of Pickleball

Pickleball is a sport that blends elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. Historically, it’s been seen as a pastime for older, predominantly white players. However, its appeal has been expanding, reaching younger demographics and more diverse players. Despite its relatively recent invention in 1965 by three white men, pickleball quickly grew in popularity across the United States. The sport’s simplicity, social nature, and low cost of entry have made it accessible and enjoyable for a wide range of people. Now, it’s becoming the new favorite for Black women. Of course, they’re bringing their flair, athleticism, and community spirit to the courts as well.

Black Women in Pickleball

One of the most notable names to emerge in the pickleball scene is Tyra ‘Hurricane’ Black. Formerly a tennis pro, Black made headlines with her stunning victory over the No. 1 pickleball player Anna Leigh Waters. Her journey from tennis to pickleball has not been easy, but it has been immensely rewarding.

“For me, tennis was not a fun atmosphere—no one wants you to succeed—so I was depressed a lot, especially when I was young,” she shared in a conversation with Pickleball Magazine.

Her transition to pickleball came after a life-changing experience during a pro tennis tournament in Turkey. A devastating earthquake made her realize the importance of pursuing her true passions. Now, as a part of the Miami Pickleball Club, she is not just playing the game but also inspiring a new generation of Black women to pick up a paddle and join the fun.

Rapper Saweetie also made a splash with her pickleball debut earlier this year during the Smirnoff SMASH Pickle Bowl. Known for her competitive spirit and love of challenges, Saweetie embraced the sport with enthusiasm, sharing her excitement about trying something new.

“Well, I’m a sports girl so I’m always up for a challenge,” she shared with 21Ninety. “This is my first time playing the sport, so I’m excited to see how I’m gonna do.”

As the sport continues to grow, it’s clear that Black women are not just participating but leading the way, bringing their unique energy and style to the courts. Pickleball is more than a trend. It shows the power of community and the joy of breaking new ground.