Deciding to undergo a hysterectomy wasn’t a simple choice for Melody Brown. Before going under the knife, she first weighed many factors. Her uterine fibroids were making life difficult. She faced heavy periods and debilitating pain that impacted simple daily activities. Fatigue and low iron levels plagued the mom of one. After discussing all the options with her husband and doctor, Brown decided a hysterectomy to remove her uterus and fibroids was necessary.

Pictures of a Stomach After a Hysterectomy

Black woman shows stomach after hysterectomy surgery.
Brown’s stomach after hysterectomy

One week after surgery, Brown experienced post-operative swelling in her stomach. She was relieved that there was no awkward bulging, however. As the weeks passed post-surgery, her abdomen slowly flattened out.

Black woman shows stomach before hysterectomy surgery.
Brown’s stomach before hysterectomy

Before her hysterectomy, Brown regularly dealt with stomach bloating. She battled symptoms for 15 years leading up to her surgery including nagging aches and heavy menstrual cycles.

Hysterectomy Surgery Pictures

Enlarged uterus removed during hysterectomy.
Enlarged uterus

Brown’s uterus was removed during the surgery. It was severely enlarged. Because of that, vaginal or laparoscopic hysterectomy methods were not an option. She had an abdominal hysterectomy. The normal size of a uterus is compared to the size of a small pear. Brown’s uterus had grown to the size of a cantaloupe. 

Fallopian tubes removed during hysterectomy.
Fallopian tubes

Along with her uterus, Brown also had her fallopian tubes and cervix removed. However, here ovaries remained intact.

Black woman ready for hysterectomy surgery.

Brown’s surgery lasted 90-minutes. She says after it was over she had a sense of calm. The only pain she felt was numbing pain and stiffness in her abdomen.

Hysterectomy Scar Pictures

Hysterectomy scar picture from Black woman.

During surgery, doctors made a horizontal incision in Brown’s lower abdomen. It’s the same spot where she had her C-section. After surgery, simple actions, like laughing were difficult as Brown’s abdominal muscles strained against the fresh incision.