In order to feel and truly dream, one must be in touch with their innermost desires. They must face their body’s responses to what’s happening both in and around them. These experiences of feeling and dreaming call for disregarding any advice or criticism that does not align with their goals. In that way, these sensitive dreamers, born February 20 through March 20, these signs are brave.

They are mutable, adapting to their surroundings and meshing with just about anyone. These fish are driven to express themselves while holding onto their identities. Known to shed a tear or two (and possibly turn it all around on you), these signs desire relation. A fairly cool and free facade, there’s depth here. So whether you’re looking to befriend or marry one, here’s what you need to know about Pisces traits.

What Are Pisces’ Traits? 

Represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, these signs often move between fantasy and reality. It’s the final sign of the zodiac, carrying a bit of each one (their traits and life lessons) with them to apply as they move through life’s ripples and waves. Because they feel so deeply, offering an empathetic level of understanding, they possess psychic qualities; an unmatched intuition. And, as these feelings and experiences flow freely within them, they can get lost in the depth and elusiveness of it all. 

Ruled by Neptune, the planet of elusiveness, more specifically creativity and dreams, Pisces aren’t afraid to pull an Aquarius and go beyond the limitations of what’s real. Their predictions and achievements are characterized by a certain level of delusion, making them that much more magical. There’s also a certain amount of conviction, similar to that of a Taurus, that guides their determination and fixation. It’s harmful, however, when this conviction is backed by “rose-colored glasses.” A reformed, self-aware Pisces can face trials head-on, with an optimistic realism that creates room for mystic honesty.

Pisces Traits in Romance

In romantic settings, Pisces traits include mysticism and spiritualism for a deep and ethereal experience. Flowers, cards and candy are starters here for these signs that require and offer kind gestures. In the experiences that they create and enjoy, art and water go a long way – stimulating their mind, heart and soul. Because they feel their own feelings (and yours), these signs appreciate expression: bold moves with intention. Signs that they’re compatible with include their fellow waters (Scorpio and Cancer) and their “opposite” Capricorn. These sweet-and-sour signs aren’t afraid to say or do the uncomfortable, as it gets them one step closer to their goal whether that’s a date, a kiss or a nightcap. 

Pisces Traits in Sex

Pisces view sex as escape. This doesn’t mean that they won’t be present in the pleasure with you; it just means that they view it as an opportunity to connect beyond the body. For those connections that feel fleeting, they’re there for the sensation…possibly exclusively. Though still generous at heart, these signs are also pleasers, getting a bit of a kick from a toe curl or eye roll. Their purpose is to feel so they only know to make you feel too. They love love, so cut to the chase if that isn’t what it is; most likely, they’ll still be down because they love a good party however mega or intimate. 

Pisces Traits in Friendship

In friendships, honesty goes a long way as these mutable water signs can already read your mind. Boundary-setting, though difficult for them, has proven to be helpful towards maintaining their connections (with themselves and others). When they don’t write their own rules, prioritize truthfulness or chase their dreams, they can be mean, sad wallowers. This is unfair to them, their friends and loved ones as they possess the ability to light up rooms and lives. Pisces must remain in touch with their own needs and wants first before sprinkling fairy dust on anyone else.