Our world is constantly in motion, both literally and astrologically. It isn’t just our world though; it’s the greater solar system and all of its inhabitants. The planets and how they’re aligned at the time of our birth is what makes up our birth charts, aka the maps of our souls. Astrologers say that our ascendants are the signs that were on the eastern horizon when we were born. Ascendants, better known as rising signs, influence how we present ourselves to the world. They’re also responsible for how the world perceives us. Think of a mask and how it shows the side of you that you want to be seen.

Often associated with first impressions, our rising signs can influence our personalities, how we dress, and our career choices. And, like our sun or moon signs, this placement also provides insight into who we are as a whole. So what does it mean to be a Pisces rising? Let’s jump in!

What Are Pisces Rising Like?

Pisces, ruled by Jupiter (and some say Neptune), are known for their intuition, sensitivity and creativity. Sure, a bit of aloofness and occasional manipulation might come with that. However, when those are in check, these mystical beings can add a compassionate and exciting light to your life. A Pisces ascendant captures these qualities a bit differently

. These artists are soft in their approach, flowy, bohemian even. Still valuing beauty and wanting to inspire others, these dreamy lovers are fishy off the bat. In their eyes is a captivating depth and, yes, they know their powers. They present with a comfort, as they’ve often seen some of their worst times early on in their lives. Their compassionate side reigns true, luring you in and making you want more. 

Rising In Romance 

Romance is where Pisces rising thrives. Presentation is everything when attempting to woo and they’ve got this part downpacked. Not requiring much depth outside of attention to detail, Pisces risings can perceive your needs before you express them. In that way, they’re similar to Pisces suns, although not the same.

Pisces risings are not above fulfilling a fantasy for the moment– in fact, it’s where they live. Sensuality is not reserved for deeper connection or even privacy. Sensation is a connector for these placements sometimes without any regard for the future. These qualities make for exciting experiences and strengthen the curiosity felt by all pirates involved. 

Rising In Sex

This softness manifests as gentleness in sex. Time is truly a construct in these cases where a Pisces rising is ready to connect in this way. Observers of comfort, they’ll be sure to set the scene before going any further. And, once that’s taken care of, now their mission is to make you feel.

Like their artwork and creative expression, Pisces rising sees sex as the opportunity to experience something new. There’s a feeling of warmth that characterizes this experience shared with others. While possibly fleeting, it gives off a sense of familiarity. This spirit of flirty fun created by Pisces rising welcomes you as you are and asks you to share your desires. 

Rising In Friendship

In friendship, Pisces risings bring their soothing and healing vibes to moments of confusion. They’re compassionate comrades who calm you just by their presence. It’s quality over quantity for these fish ascendants who often take on the troubles of those within their close circle.

However, when they master the opposite of enmeshing, these signs can be of help to others without harming themselves. Excellent listeners, as they are understanding in nature, these rising signs are ready to deep dive into your toils to uncover the true and hidden meanings. Pisces risings encourage you to dream your dreams seeing it as a space for endless joy.