For some, a gender reveal alone can be too over the top and would prefer to just have a quiet baby shower. For others, it’s a celebration the entire nine months! The gender reveal is just the peak of the baby preparation mountain. If this sounds like you and you need some creative ideas to throw a stellar gender reveal, look no further!

If You Have A Need For Speed, Try A Burnout Reveal

This gender reveal idea is not for the scared and worrisome. For a lot of car buffs, this may seem like the dream come true. There are several different ways you can achieve a burnout. Many people choose to tape the colored powder bags to their rear tires and then get the show on the road! The smoke will continuously puff out until its all gone and leave your guests stunned!

A Duel You Want? A Duel You Shall Get!

For those who really want to put on a show try some sort of battle between the two genders, whichever wins is the gender of the baby! Some have done wrestling matches, footraces and fencing! The opportunities are endless for this one, let your mind race for the perfect option that best fits what really describes you.

Oh You Fancy, Huh?

This gender reveal idea may be out of some people’s tax bracket and that’s okay! For this reveal, the couple did a typical “Russian doll” method. The mom-to-be had to keep pulling smaller bags out of bigger bags until the final small bag was the color of the gender! This one started out with a Dior tote and ended with a pink Chanel bag to reveal the couple was having a baby girl!

Ferris Wheel Vibes


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I’m going to let the other reveal ideas finish but this reveal takes the cake! Coordinating the gender reveal with the ferris wheel takes a lot of prep. In order to achieve this, you either have to know a guy who knows a guy or really sell your story to the conductor of the ride! Once that’s accomplished, just gather up your friends and family to meet up at the perfect time and boom. One magical night at the fair!