Plus-size influencer Samyra released a single that is “big back approved.” The songstress dropped “Plus-Size Freestyle” and fans are loving this plus-size positive song.


Replying to @blue diamond 💎 Lights, camera, action, Hollywood needs more plus size fashion🤩🎥

Credit: @samyra/TikTok

She released her freestyle to call out the fashion industry and their performative action for size-inclusivity. 

Everyone needs a song that hypes them up and empowers them to love their bodies. Fat-positive songs counterbalance how society can be towards plus individuals, making them powerful tools for promoting self-love and body positivity.

So, in the spirit of uplifting fellow plus-size baddies, here are six plus-size positive songs you need on your playlist.

Plus-Size Positive Songs by Black Women

Juice by Lizzo

Lizzo’s “Juice” is a celebration of self-love and body positivity. The track’s infectious energy and playful lyrics encourage listeners to embrace their unique qualities and radiate confidence. With its upbeat and empowering vibe, “Juice” has become a favorite for those looking to inject a dose of positivity into their day. The song’s message is clear: love yourself, flaunt your individuality, and let your confidence shine – because you’ve got the juice.

Video by India Arie

India Arie’s “Video” is a soulful and empowering anthem that challenges societal beauty standards. In this track, India Arie urges listeners to look beyond external appearances and emphasizes that true beauty comes from within. The lyrics reject superficial expectations, encouraging individuals to define their worth on their own terms. “Video” inspires self-love and acceptance, fostering a sense of empowerment for those who may feel marginalized by conventional ideals. 

“Pretty Hurts” by Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s “Pretty Hurts” addresses the negative impact of unrealistic beauty standards. The song bluntly explores the toll of striving for perfection and the painful consequences of conforming to external expectations. Through its lyrics, “Pretty Hurts” sheds light on individuals’ pressures to meet unrealistic standards. Additionally, it highlights its toll on mental and emotional well-being. 

“Bad Bitch” by Archie

“Bad Bitch” is a powerful anthem by the plus-size diva Archie. The song champions self-empowerment and authenticity. Her lyrics depict a journey of self-discovery and breaking free from expectations. They encourage listeners to shed self-limiting beliefs and take control of their destiny. Archie’s verses highlight the struggle of overcoming negative thoughts and affirming self-belief, creating a narrative of resilience and defiance against external judgments.

“Unpretty” by TLC 

TLC’s “Unpretty” confronts societal beauty ideals, addressing the struggles of feeling inadequate and pressured to conform. The lyrics bluntly discuss the impact of external judgments on self-esteem, emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance. The song delivers the message about embracing one’s unique qualities and rejecting the damaging effects of societal expectations.

“Naked” by Lizzo

Lizzo’s “Naked” stands out as a raw and vulnerable track, starkly contrasting the upbeat tempo of her other songs. Delving into her relationship with her own body, Lizzo lays bare her fears of not being accepted by the man she loves. She addresses the pressures surrounding beauty, expressing a desire to live without the weight of body expectations. Lizzo confronts her insecurities, singing, “Beauty is a gift, but curses everyone that chases it.” The lyrics reveal a powerful internal struggle.