The birth of a child is beautiful. The first few years of watching your child grow are incredible, but no one talks about self-care after childbirth. Postpartum self-care is often overlooked because people think that just because women take some time off work to recover, that is enough. But it is not. If you recently just had a child, here are eight ways to take care of yourself in the postpartum stage.

Ask For Help

Seriously, do it. We get sucked into the toxic mindset of believing that we have to be all and do all, and that is not true. The birth of a child can be mentally and emotionally draining, and a support system of some sort is important. Asking for help does not make you any less of a mother. It only shows that you are taking care of yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself for your child.

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Seek Therapy

Pregnancy and childbirth can take a toll on your mental health. Even though you don’t feel the pressure getting to you or you think everything is okay, it is still a great idea to check in with a mental health professional who can help you navigate the process. Often, postpartum depression can quietly sneak in, so it is best to nip it in the bud by getting professional support.

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Go Out

After giving birth, it can be hard to find the strength to do anything, but finding the energy to go outside, even for a few minutes, is a good idea. Staying locked indoors can feel safe and relaxing but ultimately make you feel isolated, groggy, tired and stuck. Take a moment daily to step out, even for a few minutes, and enjoy the air.

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Do Something For Yourself

After having a baby, it is easy to feel as though your baby comes first. Though you may be the main caretaker, you also need to care for yourself. Whether it is buying yourself a new bottle of perfume or getting a pedicure and manicure set done. Doing something for yourself will lighten your mood, even for just a moment.

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Keep Your Doctor In The Know

Doctors can be either helpful or dismissive. No matter what the case is for you, make attempts to communicate with your doctor assertively and consistently. An open line of communication with your care provider is critical and can help you stay updated about your health.

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Get Enough Sleep

In every health journey, it is so important to get enough sleep. Getting ample hours of sleep can help you to feel relaxed, well-rested and calm. It may be difficult to sleep with so much going on, don’t hesitate to understand and won’t compete for.

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Keep A Journal

Keeping a journal is an important way to remember milestones. Keeping a journal can also help you remember aspects of you and your family’s day-to-day life that are easily forgotten from this precious time.

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Eat Clean

Eating food items that are rich in particular nutrients and not others is also a big plus and can help you stay grounded. Finding a balance between eating clean, green, and having regular bowel movements, is an art.

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