How do you design a home that’s beautiful, functional and — perhaps most importantly — comfortable? We headed to the home of Sterling, Cassie and their two adorable daughters to put a Pottery Barn twist on their cozy cottage.

View the complete transformation below, then use the tips and tricks you've learned to update for your own space!


The family of four lives in a cozy, colorful, contemporary cottage, just waiting for a dramatic transformation.

"We want the girls to have enough space to play," dad Sterling tells us before we began the room transformation.

As luck would have it, a lack of space wasn't the issue for this family. They simply needed someone to come in and rethink the flow of each room, including the pieces of furniture and décor that would shape the look and feel of this adorable family's home. With just a few simple (but impactful) updates in mind, we got to work..

With two small girls, storage is key. For Sterling and Cassie, the goal was to provide as much storage as possible, but in ways that didn't take up valuable floor space. Our designers looked for every opportunity to include storage, leaving no stone (or sofa cushion) upturned. The SoMa Bryant Sofa provided the perfect jumping-off point thanks to its family-friendly upholstery and design, including a clever chaise with a hidden storage compartment. The sofa was paired with our Kaplan Lift Trunk, which offers plenty of additional storage and a raised surface that's perfect for snacks, drawing sessions or fun-filled family game nights.


They would say, "Don't forget about me!" One of the things we love about the gallery wall above Cassie and Sterling's sofa is that it breaks all the rules and still looks fantastic. Our Design Specialists mixed colors, art styles and frames to create a truly eclectic vibe that reflects the family's lifestyle. To prevent the wall from looking like a hodgepodge, they maintained a sense of symmetry in the arrangement on the wall to bring cohesion to the collection. If you aren't ready to make the leap on your own, then maybe consider using our art gallery in a box, where our buyers have pre-selected pieces to create an instant collection of beautiful art.


After a long day, all you want to do is relax in your home and enjoy time spent with family and friends. While their home felt short in size, Sterling and Cassie were adamant that they didn't want a traditional living room but instead a multi-purpose family room that the whole family could enjoy.

With those directives in mind, we gave the family versatile furniture that could serve all of its members. Our sofa is the perfect spot for the whole family to gather for TV viewing, while our Kaplan Lift Trunk has a stylish worn patina that can easily hide life's little accidents. Across from them is a seating area with our Harlow Upholstered Chair and petite Frog Drum Accent Table, both of which are wonderfully versatile pieces, able to be quickly moved around for more space for playing or lounging. While each individual item is well-placed, the pieces work together to create a room that can accommodate a range of activities and family functions with ease.

Watch the fabulous transformation unfold below, then get the look for yourself!

“We want the girls to have enough space to play.” 

— Sterling

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