Drake has just cast Precious Lee in a video, and the world seems like a little bit of a nicer place.

Following the release of Drake and 21 Savage’s controversial “Her Loss” album, the duo decided to release a music video for one of their joint records. The music video for “Spin Bout U” is a four-minute Dave Meyers-directed visual. With movie-like plots and occasional humor, the video is eye-catching, but Precious Lee, the music video’s leading lady, is the one who has got us talking.

Who Is Precious Lee?

If you have not heard about Precious Lee, she is an American model who became famous for being among the few Black curvy models. Lee, who is now mainstream has worked with top fashion houses like Calvin Klein, Fendi, Versace, and Moschino. Business moguls like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian have also tapped the beauty to feature in their campaigns. Before the glitz and glamor for Lee came hard work, persistence, and dedication. Before attending the Met, starring in Drake’s music video, and wearing couture for campaigns, Lee was a young Atlanta native whose family background fueled her current creative pursuits.

Over the years, Lee’s grit and unrelenting efforts eventually paid off. She is now one of the models ushering in a new era of what is considered acceptable in the modeling world and the mainstream consciousness.

As a native of Atlanta, Precious Lee grew up with two creative and glamorous parents. In an in-depth Elle article, Lee described her distinct childhood and how her parents allowed her to thrive and pursue things that brought her joy. After graduating high school, the Atlanta native studied at Clark Atlanta University, one of the country’s leading historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

Shifting Culture

Beyond being a celebrated model, Lee is signed to IMG’s world-renowned modeling agency. Over the last few years, she has been instrumental in shifting culture and changing how the world sees curvy women. In the past, a woman with Lee’s stunning figure would hardly be seen in a Hip Hop music video. Lee’s appearance in Drake‘s “Spin Bout U, isn’t only a testament to the way society has evolved when it comes to what beauty is, but it is a testament that the viral coke bottle shape is just the tip of the iceberg, and women carry beauty in various shapes and sizes.

Unwavering Self Worth

In the Elle article, Lee’s unwavering sense of self-worth is applauded. For many plus-sized girls, people like Lee and Lizzo stand firmly in their sense of self-love, and their confidence in what they have to offer is a breath of fresh air.

.“Me being my size, me being my color—my mom painted our angels that were on the [Christmas] tree if she couldn’t find a Black one. She had a watercolor set that had brown colors, and she would literally paint the angel. She would paint Barbies that she couldn’t find to be my color,” Lee told Elle.“I walked a runway with Naomi. As a size 14. Like, ‘What?’ I’m grateful it’s happening right now. I’m grateful it’s happening from my spirit.”

Fatphobia and other phobias have prevented many women from fully living in their truth. Still, we all should applaud Precious Lee for being one of the rising voices showing the world that skinny and “slim thick” are not the only determinants of beauty. Beauty, after all, is subjective and can exist in many sizes.