Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, and many expecting women like to chronicle their thoughts, feelings and experiences throughout the process. Journaling can help anyone practice mindfulness and work through emotions. For women who are expecting, it can be an important tool for tracking growth and development, managing emotions and staying on top of important appointments. Here are nine prompt ideas and what to write in a pregnancy journal.

Check in with yourself – mentally, emotionally and physically. How are you truly feeling today?

Every day during your pregnancy might be a little different. Take time to check in with yourself in your pregnancy journal and assess how you are feeling. No emotion is too much or too bad. Take inventory of your emotions and feel all the feels. 

What are your biggest fears or mental roadblocks regarding motherhood?

Be honest with yourself. Do you have limiting beliefs or fears about becoming a mom? How might you interrogate those fears and turn those limiting beliefs around? Feeling fear is normal. Remember not to shame yourself for being human.

What is something I want to give my child that I did not receive from my parents?

This question might be difficult and take time to truly unpack. Think back to your childhood and (if you feel comfortable to do so) reflect back on your disappointments and hurts. Are there ways your parents could have shown up better? Is there something your parents were unable to emotionally provide? Take time to journal ways that you can offer what you needed growing up to your own child.

What are three life lessons that you want to share with your child?

Everything that you have experienced and walked through in life has taught you something. As you are on the precipice of motherhood, take time to reflect on some of your greatest life lessons in your pregnancy journal and the wisdom that you’ve carried with you. What would you share with your child?

What’s my happiest pregnancy memory so far? What memories would I like to make?

As you journey through pregnancy, you’ll want to document special memories as they journey through your motherhood. Reflect on your happiest moment so far, and come back to this question in the coming weeks and months to jot down new memories. 

What is something difficult I’ve overcome during my pregnancy?

Take time to look back at what you have gone through so far in your pregnancy. Journal about the difficulties and challenges you have experienced so that you can look back and appreciate your progress.

What is something I am willing to or need to let go before I become a parent?

Take inventory in your pregnancy journal of any barriers or roadblocks to becoming a parent. Perhaps, it’s a way of thinking, a habit or lifestyle that you need to let go. Journal about how this barrier might hinder your ability to parent and how you’d like to move forward in a different way.

What is my favorite way to move my body? How can I incorporate more movement into my daily life?

Remaining active while pregnant is essential for your overall wellness. Journal about a type of physical activity that brings you joy and how you can do more of it in your daily routine.

Today, I am most grateful for…

Gratitude is a great mentality to have, especially as you bring a new life into the world. Reflect on what you are most grateful for as an expecting mom and what things or people are bringing you joy.