In recent years, the commercialization of Pride has grown exponentially. Countless brands release merchandise to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community. While the intention behind Pride merchandise is often commendable, aiming to celebrate diversity and promote inclusivity, it doesn’t always hit the mark. In fact, some pride merch can come off as overly corny or insincere. This leads to mixed reactions from the community it aims to celebrate.

From gaudy rainbow patterns slapped onto every conceivable product to awkward slogans that miss the essence of LGBTQ+ pride, the line between genuine support and pandering can sometimes blur. This phenomenon raises important questions about the authenticity and impact of the merchandise. It challenges both consumers and creators to think more critically about what true support looks like.

Why Not Wear Rainbow Merch?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with showing off your pride in more a more traditional sense. However, some people may feel that mass-produced rainbow merchandise can sometimes miss the deeper, more personal aspects of LGBTQ+ pride. Something that began as a grassroots movement for rights and recognition can feel commercialized. Some merchandise is produced by companies more interested in capitalizing on a trend than genuinely supporting the community. This can detract from the authentic expression of identity and solidarity that Pride represents.

Here is some Pride merch that you’ll actually want to wear.

Best Graphic Tee

Pride Flag Crop Tank Top

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Etsy

With this cropped cutoff tank, it’s not only in style, but gets the message across quite simply. It is not only a cropped tank, but also a perfect choice for the hot summer air and hours of parading. The graphic makes a great statement without having a rainbow print all over.

Best Merch Based on your Flag

All Gender URSeen Platform

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: UGG

While flags are often plastered across a shirt, these UGG slippers feature the lesbian flag. They are not only a great way to show off your identity, but also their colorway makes them versatile enough to wear anywhere.

Best Pins

Pride Pin Rainbow Gay Pride Flag

The enamel pin features the iconic rainbow flag, rendered in vivid colors that maintain their brilliance over time. Compact and versatile, it is a subtle yet potent symbol, easily affixed to jackets, bags or hats.

Best Matching Set

Crochet Sets Two Piece Women Summer

The Crochet Sets Two Piece Women Summer is unmatched, or exactly matched. The set blends comfort with artisanal charm making it perfect for the warmer months, offering a breathable and stylish option for Pride events. The intricate crochet pattern provides a unique, handcrafted touch that distinguishes this set from mass-produced alternatives, making it both fashionable and meaningful.

Best Ironic Saying

Men’s Woke Up Gay Again Funny Lgbtq Pride Month T-Shirt Equality Humor Tee

The slogan, “Woke Up Gay Again,” cleverly combines humor with pride, offering a light-hearted yet impactful way to celebrate Pride Month. This t-shirt not only brings a smile but also acts as a conversation starter, emphasizing the fact that being gay is not a choice.

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