Prom season is always a time to see the most beautiful and creative looks from high schoolers. The looks are always elegant and stunning, consistently leaving you wanting to see more. Senior, juniors, and underclassmen who are invited to prom make sure to step out and show their whole class their take on thigh school tradition.

Growing up, prom was always described as the best night of a high schooler’s life. So many amazing memories are made that night. Adults often reminisce, remembering it as an unforgettable experience. All the things leading up prom add to the fun of the night as well. Shopping for your dress or tuxedo is always exhilarating. Even the day of errands like hair and nail appointments can be nerve-wracking but still add to the excitement. Prom is practically the Met Gala for each high school that participates and students know it.

Here are some looks that have shut social media down thus far.

Prom 2023 Looks

Pulling up to prom to reveal the fit is arguably one of the best moments of prom. This friend group pulled up to prom in a sprinter. The two matching couples and four individual attendees each came with their own flair to their fits to show a bit of each person’s personality.

Many prom-goers this year are wearing black and they look stunning in each and every look. This Wednesday Addams-eque look with feathers and mesh sleeve gloves is definitely the icing on the cake when it comes to the black dress.

This Chicago-based teen took prom to another level by honoring her late nephew. The dress is filled with images of him with green trim and bedazzled accents. She also posed with a portrait of him next to her.

It’s always great to see a couple that stays together while they slay together. This couple made sure their green looks coordinated even down to the green trim umbrella!