A couple’s wedding is one of the most unforgettable days in their lives together. There is so much planning that goes into making it just the way they want it to be. The invitation-only ceremony is supposed to be shared with a carefully selected group of loved ones; however, with social media, some of the intimate moments of a couple’s love is shared with others. It is for this very reason that some couple’s opt for unplugged weddings.

An unplugged wedding restricts cell phones and other picture-snapping devices during the wedding. In theory, it gives the power back to the bride and groom, allowing them only to share what they want with the world. Porsha Harvey, a wedding coordinator and recent bride, spoke with 21Ninety about the advantages and disadvantages of unplugged weddings.

The Advantages

You Paid for a Photographer

Couples are responsible for finding several different vendors for their wedding day. Choosing a good photographer or videographer is one of the most essential tasks of a wedding. Harvey said having unplugged weddings lets couples get their monies worth with their chosen photographer.

“Paid vendors are there to do a job,” Harvey said. “Guests photographing and recording can be distracting.”

It also prevents social media scrolling, texting and anything else that can take your attention away from the ceremony.

No Uninvited Guests Will See Your Day

Many couples take it very seriously when it comes to their nuptials being sacred. It’s a moment that they may only want to share with those who genuinely love and care about them.

“Guests may have friends outside of your network that you may not want to view your special day,” Harvey said. “Allowing guests to stay plugged in may cause unwanted exposure.”

This is a fitting option for couples who want a smaller and more intimate wedding ceremony with close family and friends.

No Unflattering Images

As a bride, you want to look as beautiful as possible on your big day. You may not want to risk any unflattering shots of you making it to social media.

“Paid vendors are experts in showing your special day in the most flattering way,” Harvey said. “Your special day is also a part of their professional portfolios.”

The Disadvantages

Missed Candid Shots

While the photographer or videographer is busy chasing the entire wedding party, pictures and videos from guests could serve as a couple’s view of the moments where they weren’t around to witness.

 “Your guests will be around when your vendors aren’t,” Harvey said. “For instance, before the ceremony starts or during cocktail hour, most couples unknowingly want to see it all and are usually very grateful for the moments they may have missed.”

No Reactions from Guests

Couples and their families pay a lot of money to impress and feed guests. Allowing them to record themselves enjoying the decor, food, ceremony and reception helps make all of the stress you’ve endured worth it.

“The different perspectives shot by guests are worth it,” Harvey said. “Your paid vendors can’t be everywhere at once. This is a way to catch more special moments.”

Losing Personal Memories for Guests

While a wedding is a couple’s big day, this special moment is also a memory for those who care about you and shared in celebrating your union. 

“Being unplugged may cause you to miss special or funny moments that only the guests could catch,” Harvey said. “Your paid vendor’s focus is the bride and groom.”

Unplug for a Limited Time

A couple can’t go wrong with either decision. If you’re still undecided, Harvey says maybe you can consider implementing a phone restriction for a short amount of time.

“My overall opinion is to let guests record or take pictures,” Harvey said. “However, ask them to not post until after the bride and groom say so.”