Nosy questions from badgering relatives are a buzzkill at family gatherings. Fortunately, this year can be the year that you put the annoying intrusiveness to rest.

When Curiosity Kills the Mood

Nosy family members can be incredibly annoying, especially when their questions are intrusive and unwanted. Perhaps you prefer sticking to topics that are lighthearted and fun. Or maybe certain family members can’t be trusted to keep your personal life, private. Either way, having loved ones who are overly inquisitive about your life can quickly create tension.

Unfortunately, nosiness is a common trait in families because it can give people a sense of control over the lives of their loved ones. But asking too many personal questions can make one feel uncomfortable and lead to conflicts between family members. For this reason, it is important to set boundaries and limit the amount of probing questions family members can ask in order to maintain a healthy relationship.

It is also important to remember that nosiness does not always have to be negative, as it can help to strengthen relationships when done in an appropriate manner. That being said, it is essential for families to respect each other’s privacy and know when their inquiries may be crossing a line.

Questions Every Nosy Auntie Asks At Holiday Get-Togethers — And How To Answer Them

Spending the holidays with nosy family members can be tricky. On one hand, it can be nice to catch up with family. But on the other hand, it can feel like an interrogation after constantly being asked for details about your personal life. To avoid the hassle, read up on the questions every nosy auntie asks at holiday gatherings and how to answer them:


When are you getting married?

When it comes nosy aunties, questions about your love life are often at the top of the list. And if you and your partner have been dating for a length of time, your relatives will likely want to know when they can expect the wedding bells to ring.

But your relationship is about you, not them. Therefore, the answer is up to you and your partner.

Gently explain to the intrusive interrogater that every relationship moves at its own pace. Carefully considering all aspects of your relationship before making such a big decision is the responsible move, no matter what the naysayers say. So if you don’t know when to expect a proposal, just say that. There’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to cautious decision-making.

Not to mention, marriage is NOT for everyone. And if you and your partner decide against it, letting your nosy relative know just that is the best way to end the conversation.


When are you having a baby?

Ahh, the old “When are you having a baby?” question. A question as old as time, yet still as offensive. Fortunately, you can take this question on in a number of ways depending on your position.

If you don’t want children, the best thing to do to avoid further questions is to be honest. This can be difficult, especially since society hasn’t fully come around to the idea that motherhood isn’t for everyone. Still, letting your loved ones know that you DON’T want children is better than leading them on until the next family gathering.

Or if you do want children, honesty is still the best policy. Plus, you can still answer the question in a calm, but direct manner to neutralize a potentially hurtful conversation. Here are a few examples of ways to answer the dreaded question:

“When it happens, it happens.”
“It isn’t a priority for me at this time.”
“I’m not ready yet.”
“Whenever the stars align/the Universe deems fit/God makes it so.”
“Maybe someday.”


You’ve gained weight. Are you pregnant?

Your reason for gaining weight is none of anyone’s business. Not to mention, it can be an incredibly hurtful question, especially if you aren’t actually pregnant. Still, that doesn’t stop nosy relatives from asking.

When this happens, you can respond with a joke along the lines of “No, but my belly is full of tacos!” or “No, I ate a watermelon earlier.”

You could also respond with a smile and say “No, but thank you for asking!” This response is polite and respectful, while still conveying an appropriate level of humor.

Or, if you just aren’t in the pacifying mood, a flat-out “No” is likely enough to stop further questioning.


When do I get to meet your boyfriend?

Not every nosy auntie has ill intentions when prying into your love life. Instead, many aunties are fiercely protective of their nieces and nephews, especially when it comes to heartbreak.

Still, it’s ultimately up to you to decide the best time to introduce your partner to your family. So when family members ask to meet your partner, it’s important to be respectful and honest in your response. If you are, in fact, comfortable with the idea, let your family know and find a time that works for both of you. You can also offer an alternative, such as meeting over video chat or a phone call.

Or, if you’re not ready to introduce your partner to your family yet, explain this in a kind and honest way, letting them know that you appreciate their interest and that you’ll let them know when the time is right.


So, what do you do for work, again?

Anyone who has a nosy relative knows this question might not actually be about work, but more about gauging how well you’re doing for yourself.

A good approach to the question is to keep it lighthearted and fun.
Talk about what you do, focusing on the why. Explain to your loved ones what you enjoy about your job. For example, you could talk about how your job allows you to help others. Or, if you have a great relationship with your boss or coworkers, mentioning your collaborative team environment is a sure way to peak their interest.

Most of the time, nosy relatives just want to know that you’re okay, and that especially includes your finances. Answering this tough question in a way that highlights the positives of your job is a great way to put their worries at ease.


Why don’t you bring the baby over more often?

When family members want to spend more time with children, it can be a difficult request to manage. Still, there are many ways to handle this question in a way that can help keep everyone happy!

Part of being a family unit involves celebrating the newest additions to the family tree. But life can become pretty busy as a parent, making spending time with loved ones challenging to make happen. To help, explain the situation, remaining open and honest about the time you can offer them.

Or, you can propose creative solutions to accommodate both sides. You could suggest FaceTime or Zoom calls, ask family members to come over for a quick visit, or even invite them to a school play or awards assembly.

Being flexible and understanding of each other can help you reach a mutually beneficial outcome. Keeping everyone informed and happy is key to having a great relationship with your family in the long run. So don’t be afraid to have an honest conversation about how much time you can devote to family time.


Are you still with ‘what’s-his-name?’

When family members ask about your ex, the best way to handle it is with a bit of humor. It’s okay to laugh and joke about it, but be sure to keep the conversation light-hearted and positive.

Remind them that you’re in a better place now and that things are looking up for you. Get them to focus on the present and your current life, which can help keep the conversation from becoming too heavy or uncomfortable.

If you don’t feel like talking about it, simply say so politely and move on to another topic.

Above all, be kind and respectful in your interactions with them. Doing this will allow you to maintain a good relationship with them while also staying true to your boundaries.