Women all over have been going back to our old hair regimens. From going back to our aunties to get our braids to even bumping our ends, we’re bringing it all back. So what do you do when its 3pm, you have an event at 8pm and need your hair done ASAP? Pull out that hair glue, some bundles and act like it’s 2003! Here’s a guide on a safe quick weave.

What Is A Quick Weave


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A quick weave is a style where where hair wefts are glued directly to a protective weave cap. Similar to installing a sew-in, the hair is braided down before the cap is placed on the head. Each weft of hair is then blow-dried or air-dried to make sure the bonding glue attaches it to the cap.




Protection is always key when it comes down to safely installing a quick weave. Make sure you braid your hair down tight and neat so that there are no casualties. If any hair is left out, there is a possibility that you could end up getting binding glue on that piece of hair. If this does happen however, don’t worry. We’ll have tips on how to get glue out of your hair later.

Keep that scalp moisturized! This is a very important step that people tend to forget because they’re rushing. Go and get you hair oil and apply it to your scalp before installing the quick weave. Otherwise, you will be uncontrollably patting your head for the duration of this install.

After you braid your hair, the next step is to get your cap ready. You can either sew down your cap along the perimeter of your head/the area you will be applying the glue to or use Got2B spray to harden the cap on your hair (trust me it works). Make sure all of your hair is covered before you move on to the next step.

Once you’re done with the basics of protecting your hair, now its time to install the quick weave. Be very careful when gluing down the tracks. If you put an excess of glue, it can easily seep through the cap and get on to you braids. Continue to add tracks until you’ve reached your desired look.

The easiest way to remove the quick weave is to just simply cut the thread where you sewed your protective cap down. If you took the Got2B route, take a cotton ball and dip it into adhesive remover or rubbing alcohol (use sparingly) and dab around the perimeter. The cap will loosen and and will be able to slide off easily.

For those who decided to skip past all of the protective measures above and you’re now just trying to save your hair, we’ve got you. If somehow, there’s binding glue in your hair or if you directly put the glued track onto your hair without a cap, there’s still a way to make sure you don’t pull your hair out.

Grab your cheapest conditioner, a comb and  a hair dryer and lets get to work. Make sure you’re not using your most prized conditioner because you will be using a lot.

First, you will douse one track at a time with conditioner. Make sure to rub that in and then grab your hair dryer. You are going to put direct heat on to the track. This will heat up the conditioner which will then heat up the glue. Eventually you will be able to easily slide the track off of your hair! Then take your comb to run through that piece of hair to make sure you got all of the glue out. You will then repeat these steps for the rest of the tracks attached to your hair.