When it comes to brands and trends, what’s considered “in” is ever-changing. What’s in style can be influenced by celebrity style, international looks and, most often, street style. However, what a person wears in their everyday life depends on a number of factors from access to interests. Within the beauty and fashion industries, several trends have been known to exclude people. Only recently have the coveted trends begun to incorporate people of different ethnicities and body sizes. That’s when they aren’t removing people from their own culture or from the trend itself due to economic status. This time around, quiet luxury bags are no different. Here’s the meaning behind “quiet luxury bags”, the alleged reason behind them and how you can wear them your way.

Quiet Luxury Bags Mean Subtle Sophistication

YSL Manhattan Top Handle In Shiny Alligator

YSL Manhattan Top Handle In Shiny Alligator – $50,000

Since Black women have been the eternal blueprint, it’s often what we wear that makes its way onto runways. And because we are not a monolith, those trends that we create vary in style (and consequently, affordability). This season, thanks to a new desire for subtle sophistication, quiet luxury bags are flying off the shelves. Fashion writers have called for style girlies to put their bold colored and patterned bags down. They’re saying to pick up the neutral baguette, boho and computer bags instead. Designed by some of the same luxury brand staples, with a few newbies sprinkled in, the brands range from The Row and Bottega to YSL and Aupen. 

They’re Staple Pieces That Last Forever

Bottega Veneta Long Clutch Andiamo With Handle

Bottega Veneta Long Clutch Andiamo With Handle – $2,650

TikTokers have taken to the internet to express their love for and dissatisfaction with the quiet luxury trend. Some are reveling in the moment, embracing their quiet luxury bags’ quality craftsmanship and semi-unidentifiable branding. Others are saying buy what you want to buy and wear what you want to wear. One of the reasons behind the trend is to have subtle staples that can last in a wardrobe for years to come. Another reason is to draw a line between those of old and new money. Now, those who pair their Goyard or Louis with a reserved fit aren’t quite hitting the mark. Yep – these bags have changed fashion too; “requiring” those following suit to tone down their apparel as well. Neutrals and staples have become the way to go all the way around. 

Why and How To Wear Quiet Luxury Bags

The Row Samia Bag In Leather
The Row

The Row Samia Bag In Leather – $1,790

JW Pei Joy Shoulder Bag White
JW Pei

JW Pei Joy Shoulder Bag White – $89

No matter the price tag, your bags are yours to wear and accessorize. The Row’s Samia Bag In Leather combines luxury, comfort and style with a leather construction, hobo style and triangle shape. It’s modern with a vintage flair, could be dressed up or down. Similarly, JW Pei’s Joy Shoulder Bag White captures early 2000’s style of curved lines with a craftsmanship that makes it hug the body. The gold details are just enough pop, adding a little fun to a staple white bag. Whether it’s your summer go-to or the perfect pairing for your winter white suit, this bag gets the job done efficiently and fashionably.

However, if you’re a color-lover and/or maximalist, the quiet luxury trend can feel like you’re being boxed-in (and that might be the whole purpose behind it). The select several who choose to embrace this trend without batting an eye are straying away from individuality; a if not THE determining factor in a person’s style. Although, if you happen to be a trend hopper, open to the ebbs and flows of fashion, this one’s for you too. You might not be in the mood or market to fully commit, but several brands (on the more affordable end) have also entered the chat. Think Mango, Steve Madden, Kate Spade and JW Pei. Thankfully, no matter the trend, there will always be a way to make it your own and comparable buys that match the standard however close to or far away from that you want to get.