Creator of the critically-acclaimed “Abbott Elementary,” comedian Quinta Brunson became the first Black woman in over 30 years to receive “Best Lead Actress in a Comedy” at the Emmys (the second since Isabel Stanford for “The Jeffersons”). The awarded actress has given acceptance speeches where she acknowledged her husband, also describing him in interviews as her “biggest supporter.”

The enigmatic partner is Kevin Jay Anik, who has joined her on a few red carpets. Outside of their joint appearances, social media-less Anik is a bit of a mystery, with the internet having very little information about him. What we do know, however, about the sales manager is that Brunson feels celebrated by him, and that her light is never dimmed by him in public or at home. We love a supportive significant other! Here’s a bit more about Quinta Brunson’s husband.

Brunson Announced Their Engagement in 2020

In an Instagram post, Brunson confirmed the couple’s engagement. The bubbly bride-to-be was all smiles while posing hand-to-face, wearing a beautiful ring on a certain finger. She shared, in the photo’s caption, that it was “more good news” as she’d recently celebrated “A Black Lady Sketch Show” receiving an Emmy nomination. Sources say that the couple wed in 2021 among a small group of family and friends.

Anik Was Thanked in Her Acceptance Speech

There’s nothing like a partner that wants to see you shine, In addition to thanking her parents and the star-studded cast, Brunson also highlighted Anik’s support, expressing her gratitude for being there through it all. This includes the process of building her Emmy-award winning show, “Abbott Elementary.”

During an OWN Network interview with Oprah, she described how Anik’s support of her makes her feel. Not only of her career, but who she is. Brunson feels like she can shine around him; a light that he’s never dimmed. She added that experiencing this at home, in her sacred place, matters so much.

She Protects Their Relationship Because It’s Sacred to Her

As we mentioned, Brunson and Anik have kept everything except for the confirmation of their marriage and support of her career under wraps. Anik’s lack of social media presence has made it particularly crystal clear that the couple cherish privacy. Brunson explains that, like her home, her relationship with Kevin is also a sacred space so she tries her best to make sure that she makes him feel safe too.