It’s already hard to keep up with a steady dental routine. Back-to-school season doesn’t make it any easier. You have to make sure everyone in the house has clean teeth before they head out the door and before bed. 

It’s a chore that must be done twice a day. More importantly, even if you brush and floss regularly, you may forget to follow the other basics like brushing for two minutes or getting in between each tooth.

Quip can help! It’s a dental brand that gives you the essentials to make sure you and your family actually get your teeth clean. Adult and kid electric toothbrushes, smart brushes, a refillable floss pick and string, refillable mouthwash and gum, and a rechargeable cordless water flosser are all available on the Quip site. 

Shop Quip’s 40% Off Sale

Right now, until 11:59 pm ET on August 24, you can build or refresh your dental basics for 40 percent off. There’s no code needed to save. So, now is definitely the time to scroll through Quip’s catalog of toothbrushes, floss, gum, and more. 

A majority of the brand’s products come in travel friendly containers. That way your teeth can be healthy at home or on the go.

Quip Adult Electric Toothbrush

Photo Courtesy of Quip

Quip’s Adult Electric Toothbrush was the first product launched by the brand back in 2015. This toothbrush comes with the handle, soft-bristle brush head, a cover, and a battery that will last for up to three months. With the subscription plan, you’ll get a brush head and replacement battery every three months. 

Since there’s a battery involved, you’ve probably already guessed that this thing vibrates. It does. But, it uses sonic vibrations. These sonic vibrations blast through all of the gunk on and in between your teeth. That being said, this water-resistant brush pulses to let you know when to move onto the next section of your mouth. 

To grab this brush, select what handle you want (plastic or metal), then choose a color. Before you hit “add to cart,” know that the metal handle does cost $15 more than the plastic one.

Quip Rechargeable Cordless Water Flosser

Quip’s Rechargeable Cordless Water Flosser makes flossing so much easier. Instead of trying to guess how much floss you need, you just hit the power button and let the water do the rest. 

With this cordless flosser you get to customize your experience. Just choose between two pressure modes and two water flow settings.

The water flosser also comes with a 360-degree rotating magnetic floss tip, a handle with a large reservoir and extra-wide top-open lid, a magnetic charging cable, and a battery that lasts up to eight weeks with daily use. 

Similar to the toothbrush, you have both plastic and metal handles to shop. Just like the electric toothbrush, the metal handle is $15 more than the plastic option. Plus, for this product, you can select a refill plant to get a replacement floss tip every three months.

Quip Gum Starter Kit

Photo Courtesy of Quip

Quip’s Gum Starter Kit is the best bang-for-your-buck this sale. Why? Because the plastic choice starts at $0. Yes, you read that right. For this sale, the plastic gum kit is $0 so all you pay for is the three month plan. That’s $10 every three months. But, as you’ve already guessed, the metal will cost you more. On sale, it’s $10, plus the $10 plan.

This kit comes with 30 pieces of xylitol gum and a dispenser that pops out one piece of gum at a time. According to the product page, this is for those ages five and up.

Quip Refresh Bag

Photo Courtesy of Quip

With all of your new Quip products, you’ve got to store them somewhere. So consider the Refresh Bag. While it’s not part of the sale, it is a convenient smooth oval-shaped container that can house everything you need to brush at home or on-the-go. You get to shop several color choices, and this time, there’s no metal option. 

This case is made of a flexible silicone that has storage straps, mesh pockets, and a space-saving hook. Best of all, it collapses flat for easy storage when you’re not using it.

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