Rapper Chika is opening up about her health issues in response to questions around a recent hospitalization.

Chika took to her Instagram page to share that she’d had a pair of visits to the hospital over the past month.

“Been in the ICU twice in the past month and it’s so friggin boring that i have resorted to taking prison photos. enjoy. album in a couple- a weekz,” she captioned the post that included a photo of her in a hospital gown.

Photo credit: @chikalogy/Instagram

The post included a few more pictures of the rapper as she seemingly attempted to keep herself amused during her hospital stay. The post and its caption caused her fans to speculate in the comments about what had led to the rapper’s hospital visit. But Chika quickly quieted the questions with a comment on the post that revealed she’d been hospitalized due to kidney failure.

“You know you can spend 3 days in ICU and then get moved to the regular floor right,” she wrote. “i had kidney failure,”

Her fans quickly took to the post to offer their positive wishes and word of encouragement.

Upcoming Work

It wasn’t all concerning news, though, with the rapper ended the social posting by letting her followers know she’d still be releasing her new project “SAMSON: The album” in a few weeks. Chika just recently announced that “SAMSON: The album” was on its way — with the project being her debut full-length album. She teased the project with the release of her new track “DEMIGOD” and the release of the artwork for “SAMSON.” Chika also dropped her track “Requiem For A Dream” back in early June.

But besides those tracks and the album cover, Chika hasn’t shared that many additional details about the project or its sound.

“SAMSON: The album” is the followup to Chika’s 2021 EP Once Upon a Time and her 2020 EP Industry Games.