Raven Symoné first gained recognition as an actress while starring in sitcom, The Cosby Show, when she was only 3 years old. She then joined the cast of Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper before gaining her own show called That’s So Raven. Transitioning into her mid-teens, the actress used her platform to tap into her comedic quirkiness and her talent of singing.

Showcasing this skill led to her role in The Cheetah Girls, a three-film franchise that solidified the actress-comedian-singer’s place in media history and Hollywood. Since then, she’s accumulated a number of television and film credits from starring in Dr. Dolittle to voice-acting in Fat Albert. Several albums and a hosting stint with The View later, Raven boasts a solid fortune. Here’s what we know about Raven Symoné’s net worth. 

Who Is Raven Symoné?

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As an advocate for LGBTQ+ and body positivity, the actress-comedian-singer is also a philanthropist. She’s been active and public about her beliefs as well as her contributions. In 2016, Raven Symoné came out formally after years of speculation by the media. It was alleged that she dated American fashion model “AzMarie” for four years.

In 2020, she married her girlfriend of four years, Miranda Maday Pearman in an intimate backyard ceremony. Leaning into an appreciation for privacy, Raven Symoné and her wife celebrated with their closest family members and made the announcement to the world via an Instagram post. Fans of the couple, both individually and as a unit, expressed their congratulations. Since getting married, the couple has spoken to moments throughout their relationship where Raven’s stardom has caused confusion.

Maday-Pearman shared her initial feelings of being asked to sign an NDA, when they first started dating. She also said, in an interview with Fannita of Bottoms Up with Fannita, that getting up to speed on Raven Symoné’s discography took some time. 

What Is Raven Symoné’s Net Worth?

Still an undeniable legend, Raven Symoné continues to stir frenzy amongst fans. Personal and professional choices still seem to rile lovers of the actress’ work. In an interview, via Instagram Live, she confirmed never having touched her The Cosby Show earnings. These earnings include royalties from the series and its being picked up by other networks. This is also the case for That’s So Raven. While reports have alleged net worths between $40 million and $400 million, $55 million appears to be the most accurate. Starring in several television show episodes, films, a franchise, and through the production of a lengthy discography, Raven Symoné has attained a substantial amount of wealth. Her latest ventures, and the ones she plans to pursue with her wife, will continue to impact the lofty figure. 

Raven Symoné’s Plans To Increase Business Ownership 

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Since getting married to her wife, the couple have also become business partners. They host a podcast together, formerly known as The Best Podcast Ever, that was renamed Tea Time. The platform is a fly-by-your-seat, interview style show with celebrity guests. It’s meant to allow the hosts and guests to dive into random and meaningful conversations with minimal limits.

The former social media manager and doula is described by Raven as a “boss b*tch” whose work mode makes the actress-comedian-singer love her that much more. A shared love and trust have even sparked a conversation of launching more business together particularly now that legal matters (the NDA) have been signed, sealed and delivered. We look forward to the podcasting, media moguls celebrating new achievements in their future and a growing, long-lasting love.