The year is 2022, and love is no longer blind. The generations born and bred from the '60s until now have seen the highest spike in divorces and splits as they became more common. As time passes, people have become incessantly committed to protecting their interests and assets no matter how in love they may be. 

What Is A Postnup

If you have read this far, you might be wondering exactly what is a postnup. A postnup is basically an agreement between a married couple who have committed to sorting out their finances after marriage if they decide to get a divorce. According to family law attorney Lori Shemtob, postnups are a way of saying, “We’re not getting divorced, but if we do, I want to define what will happen.” A postnup is an effective way of protecting yourself if anything happens in marriage.

Why Is It Relevant?

Human beings are lovely but can also be terribly imperfect. In light of this, getting a postnup does not mean that your marriage is doomed to fail. It only means that you are being careful in the event that it does so as to avoid surprises. 


Postnups have their benefits. For one, in the event of an unforeseen marriage breakup, both parties can be sure that neither they nor their partner is bound to an unwanted relationship based on the fear of being financially handicapped. Instead, they can ensure that any assets they acquired before marriage are untouchable.

 “A postnup is an insurance policy for all assets and liabilities,” says family lawyer Andrew Watson of Osbourne’s law firm. Postnups aren’t new or unheard of; in fact, in the last year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, most couples decided to tie the knot first and sort out their finances later. 


While a postnup is certainly an option, it simply does not have the same amount of flexibility for negotiation that prenups have. In the event that you are considering a postnup, it is important to hold a prior discussion with the presence of a lawyer as a third party and a witness, as well as some form of legally relevant evidence as a document of reference.

The Takeaway

When it comes to drafting a postnup, it is important for both parties to be on the same. A postnuptial agreement should be seen more as an investment in the future rather than an attempt to jinx a thriving marriage. A postnup can be a good thing because it can protect both parties from the dangers of a messy divorce and allow them to leave a marriage without the financial burdens of their ex-spouse. Secure your family and your future, and most importantly, remember that everything should be spelled out clearly before marriage!