If spending more time at home this winter season has made you rethink your daily workout routine then you’re not the only one. With cold weather upon us and social distancing still in effect, many have decided to invest their money in at-home exercise equipment, most specifically: exercise bikes. After all, they do target three benefits in one – they strengthen your heart and lungs, tone your body, and help build muscle. So if you’re one of the many considering making the splurge, here's five of the best spin bikes to welcome into your home and daily workout. 

  1. 1. Apex Rides Exercise Bike

This spin bike promises to prepare you for “the ultimate in-home workout.” It’s compact, super comfortable, and available in four colorways such as mist gray, sand, navy and black. As well as equipped with hundreds of “ready-made cycling community classes from top U.K. instructors.” The Apex spin bike is bluetooth enabled and accompanied by its own app, so you can hook it up to your iPad or iPhone; and also allows you to track your progress “and race for the top spot on the leaderboards.” 

Courtesy of Apex Rides

  1. 2. Keiser M3i Indoor Bike 

The Keiser M3i Indoor Bike is the go-to spin bike for most gyms. It’s V-shaped frame is designed to accommodate all riders, and its four-way adjustable seat allows for maximum comfort. This spin bike also features bluetooth technology, compatible with all tablets and smartphones; as well as virtual cycling apps such as Peloton and Zwift. It’s revolutionary design also makes it durable for years to come, as it is rust-resistant, and magnetic resistant. 

Courtesy of Keiser

  1. 3. Life Fitness IC1 Indoor Studio Bike

This spin bike is your best investment if you’re working with a small space, are new to cycling, or an experienced rider. Also accompanied by a wired on-board computer, its built-in program measures intensity, effort, heart-rate and calories burnt. And its toe-caged pedals allow for riders to keep their most optimal form, enhanced with an adjustable PVC handlebar and padded sport saddle for maximum comfort.  

Courtesy of Amazon

  1. 4. JLL IC300 Indoor Spin Bike

This spin bike promises to kick your fitness routine up a notch, at an affordable price. It features an 18kg bo-directional wheel, as well as adjustable seat, handlebar and foot straps to match every rider’s comfort preference. As well as a compact monitor to measure time, distance, speed, calories and pulse. This spin bike is also a great investment because it's accompanied by a twelve month warranty which activates automatically upon purchase. 

Courtesy of Amazon 

  1. 5. Technogym Bike

Looking for a bike that simply has it all? Well, the Technogym bike is your best choice. It features a sleek and modern look, accompanied by a 22-inch HD screen that not only allows you to stream live and on-demand fitness classes, but also features apps like Netflix and YouTube. This bike will equip you with your own online trainer, full body exercises that you can even do while off the bike, as well as a content mirroring feature from any of your other devices. If that wasn’t enough, this spin bike will also virtually transport you to anywhere in the world for your cycling workout.

Courtesy of Technogym