Being a fitness girl is no easy task. Social media influencers often make it seem as though this lifestyle is a breeze. But there is so much to it that you can overlook. Getting into fitness (and being consistent) is a lifestyle change that not many people prepare you for.

Fitness Hesitancy

There is also an insane amount of content on social media that could deter you from getting started. From the different ads persuading you to buy a gym membership to the athleisure brands all saying they have the best outfits on the market, it’s hard to make sense of all the noise.

We know it can be challenging but with these few items, you are definitely on the right path to getting your fitness journey started!

Gym Bag

First things first, you need to put all of your items in an actual bag that’s meant for the gym. It’s about time you let go of that bookbag you received for free from a company event and invest in something worthwhile. Fitness is an investment from start to finish, even down to what you carry your gym essentials in. Even if your journey doesn’t involve walking into an actual gym, having a functional bag where you can keep your at-home workout equipment, makes a difference. This sleek and classic duffle bag from Nike has several pouches and compartments for you to store your gym needs. It even has a separate compartment for shoes.


If you plan to get into weight lifting (heavy or light) it is always important to protect your hands. Lifting gloves are a great way to prevent calluses from forming along your fitness journey. They also prevent the calluses you may already have from ripping. For those who find the gym to be disgusting, they also help protect your hands from germs and bacteria. Some lifters prefer to use chalk on their hands to absorb sweat but typically, most commercial gyms don’t allow it. Gloves are a great way to absorb that sweat and get a nice, firm grip on the weight or bar. These open-finger gloves are perfect for most hand sizes and give your hands some room to breathe. These gloves have a leather palm with a polyester interior. It’s soft and provides added comfort during the workout. 


Photo Courtesy of Transparent Labs

Let’s take a moment to talk about pre-workout. Some people underestimate how it could enhance a workout. If you decide to go to the gym in the morning but aren’t necessarily a morning person, this gives you the boost you need for your workout. Alternatively, if you choose to get your fitness on after a long day at work, the same results apply. There are loads of pre-workouts on the market, but a lot of them give you uncontrollable jitters. Think 3 cups of coffee type of jitters. This is where non-stimulant pre-workout comes into play. You get the energy you need without feeling like your skin is crawling. For new gym goers, this can be a little intense and may even prevent you from working out again. This stimulant-free pre-workout is perfect for you to get the results you need.


Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Lastly, you always need a shaker. These bottles are made to mix up your drink of choice in a convenient, on-the-go way. As a new gym girl, you will definitely find yourself looking to get a quick protein drink in or even needing something to mix your pre-workout in. A good shaker bottle will aid in the process of properly fueling your body. The BlenderBottle Radian has a 32-ounce capacity as well as a twist-on cap that gives it a leak-proof seal. You won’t have to worry about spilling during travel or when shuffling around your new gym bag